Thursday, June 01, 2017

Z.R.C. étanche grands fonds series 2

The vintage ZRC was a niche micro tool watch brand from the 1960s. I was fascinated by its history and I have been looking for the etanche grands fonds watch series 2 for a long time. After searching for more the a year, I have finally found one from France. This is one of my favorite watches as at one stage, I was even contemplating of getting the reissued version. Lucky, I have waited.

This is a series two with the much desired dotted Bakelite bezel and larger hour and minute hands. Among the plethora of "diver's watches" this ZRC has the unique design features of having luminous dotted bezels, extra large hands and winding crown at the 6 o'clock position and is a definitely a refreshing alternative to the Submariner and its legion of clones and derivatives.

This shall be my last serious watch purchase for the year 2017. Eagerly awaiting for its arrival. Life is good!

As a small tool watch brand, I see there are variations in the hands.
The photos of the nice ZRC from the net seconds hands look similar to mine

The watch model and design looks like the second one form the left:

Photo below showing the Re-edition:

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