Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 2017 Q2 Review

I have decided to do a quarterly review of the watches I collect in order to remind myself to stay focus. As there are many nice watches out there and its impossible to collect them all, I have to constantly do a streamlining exercise.

From April 2017 onward, I have collected the following watches:

1.Seiko Bullhead 6138-0040 Brown "Seiko 5Sports SpeedTimer"
Watch from Japan and made for the Japan market

2. Rolex 6104 Big bubbleback: Found in Thailand (from a European dealer)

3. Rolex 1600 with special dial: Found in Thailand

4. Jardur Chronograph 1950s - One owner watch: Found in Thailand

5. Angelus Chronodat: Watch from Peru

6. Rolex 1601: Watch from HCMC

7. Z.R.C. étanche grands fonds series 2
Watch from France and Belgium

8. Vintage W10 Military watches
Watch from US and UK

9. Rolex 6426 made for the Middle East Saudi Airfoce (Al Quwat to Jawiya)
Watch from Japan

To bring down the number of watches, I have let go the following watches as part of my thinning exercise. May need to bring down more...

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