Friday, February 28, 2014

Vintage Divers

After several months of running around, I have finally managed to start a small collection of vintage Seiko divers.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Vintage world

Even though my attention lately has been on the vintage Seiko, the various vintage Rolexes still hold an important place in my heart as my focus gor these years has always been there. May of the vintage Sports Rolexs prices have gone up so much that it is really difficult to find anything economical. My guess is with the increasing number of collector chasing after these vintage pieces, prices will continue to escalate...

Variations seiko 6105-8110

I love the shape of the 6105-8110. My first 6105-8110 was found in Australia. Everything is in original condition and the dial was aged. Being a collector, we always try to find a even better condition watch then the previous one.

I have sold another pair of my speakers in exchange for another nice condition 6105-8110. Besides the nice dial condition, the back case differs from the Chinese, we say 好事成雙...double happiness..

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vintage Seiko Diver 6309-7040

Seiko Diver 6309-7040 WATCH.

This is my second last vintage Seiko.

For those who wants to get a value for money vintage diving watch, this is a good option. At US$188, it can't go wrong. Among the 6309 series, this 7040 is one of the best as the size is much bigger.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Vintage Seiko 6105-8110 restoration

This is how the watch looks like when first arrived.

After servicing, this is how it looks now:

Life is good!

Vintage Seiko 7002-700J (1988-1996)

 Seiko 7002-700J 

This 7002-700J watch is the precursor to the modern SKX175/009. This is the Japanese home market version of the  aspirated 150m-rated 7002 (1st generation) diver. Like the7002-7001 it differs from the more popular 7000A in that the jewel-count (17 Jewels) is written on the dial directly below the depth rating (WATER150mRESIST). Like the 700A, it also has a blue-and-red “Pepsi-style” bezel. In this instance, mine is the all black bezel.

Visually they are almost identical to the SKX175/009 and the SKX009J in particular, except that the crowns are in different positions, the 7002 only has a date, the jewel counts are different, and the depth ratings are different. There are three reasons why I bought this namely it's a made in Japan version, where quality assurance is guaranteed plus the watch is in very good condition. Secondly, at US$165, it's really value for money as US$165 can't even get a decent leather strap for some watch brands. Thirdly, it's one of the last 150 meter divers made in 1995.

For other 7002-7000, the prices are much lower at around US$100 but one has to aware of the originality of the various parts (bezel, hands, dial etc)..

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Vintage Seiko 7549-7010 Mod

The 7549-7010 has a very nice case design.

This mod uses the 6306 movement in a tuna 7549-7010 case.

Why do such a mod? Well, My friend 7 gor had a 7549-7010 with a dead movement (probably due to bad coil) and he decided to convert it to become a day-date auto tuna. From the case design, we can speculate that the perhaps the original plan is to make one with a automatic movement. However, since the 1979s was the period of the Quartz watches, naturally, the 7549-7010  was fitted with a quartz movement.

The original dial has the word QUARTZ below..

Original Movement for 7549-7010

The 6306 movement is a direct drop in replacement and it fits like a glove in the 7549-7010 case but one must must use back the 7549-7010 stem. It is worth noting that the 7549 case is thicker. 

The dial has been changed to one without the word QUARTZ, keeping the Japanese day date movement and date disc, plus fitted with a black PVD case protector and the bezel has also has black PVD coating to give the watch a modern look.
Bezel with changed to a special luminous wordings as well.

The 7549-7010 has several compatible parts (with the 6309-7040/7290) , which are : bezel insert, caseback, crown (except the stem), gaskets related to the above are also compatible (bezel gasket, crown gasket, caseback gasket). Crystal and crystal gasket are NOT compatible. 

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Vintage Seiko 6105-8110 (1968-77)

I have received my Seiko 6105-8110which traveled all the way from the US.

The whole watch is original and the glass was scratched, which needed a replacement.

My Seiko friend 7 gor has managed to help me find one.

Seiko 下午茶

Seiko 下午茶

I have met up with 7 gor for an afternoon tea at Maxim. 

Seiko 6105-8110 & 6306-7040

Seiko 6309-7040 & 6309-7290

Watches belonging to 7 gor

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

stock take February 2014...

After years of collecting vintage Rolex, watches with special Middle East dials, some Patek, I really didn't expect to venture into vintage Seiko. 

Since the Seiko collections are huge, I have started with a clear focus on the Grand Seiko and later evolved to the Diver watches. For the classic range, my interest is mainly with he high best manual winding and automatic 36000 hi beats and the 18000 low beats. The joy in finding these Seiko are tremendous with very affordable prices versus the top qualities...

During these period, I have also streamlined my collection by letting go some of the military watches and those Longines watches that does not fit into my collection so that I could have a tighter collection...

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