Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rolex Prince Gruen Doctor watch restoration

Rolex Prince Gruen Doctor watch restoration for my friend Alex.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Gruen Doctor watch restoration

One of my hobby is to get watches restored. This is my second Gruen restoration project. Hope to get it fully restored soon!

Restored ZRC spartiale

After months of restoration, the watch is Finally fully restored with a new old stock bezel and with a restored bracelet that can serve generations to come.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Rolex DateJust collection

My current vintage Rolex collection consists of the following sub families:
  • Rolex Prince doctor's watches series 1930s 
  • Eaton series
  • The Bubbleback, Semi bubbleback 1930s-50s
  • The sports series 1950-60s
  • Datejust, 1960-70s being the newest. 
My first Datejust was the Pink gold bezel from June 2015 when I was working and staying in Bangkok. Following my decision to refocus on the Datejust series watches, my collection of DateJust has started to grow. Given the huge quantities of Datejust available, I have chosen to collect only the rare pie pan dial, special colored dial, dial with Middle Easter logo, 無字天書 dial and the Wide Boy dials, and definitely NO Quartz datejust and no 5 digits quick set date Datejust. After two years plus of collecting, my collections consists of the following:

This is one of the earliest "Modern" Rolex 6605 Datejust from II Quarter 1959

1. ROLEX 1601 "fluted bezel" (plus with Middle east logo)
The most popular and well known of all  featuring a   white gold "fluted" bezel for the steel model. This watch was also produced in two-tone (yellow, pink or white gold bezel) and all-gold.

2. ROLEX 1603 "engine turn bezel" (plus with Middle East logo)
This reference only exists in steel and performs the steel "engine turn" bezel.

3. ROLEX 1600 "smooth bezel"  with 無字天書 dial
The smooth bezel came in both two-tone, steel and all-gold models, they are quiet rare on their own compered to the 1601 and 1603. The look of this watches is very clean and more modern.

4. ROLEX 1601 BUCKLEY DIAL with Pink gold bezel
The Buckley dial is a large Roman numeral painted dial that comes in both white and black color numerals. The black is much more desirable because of the black hands and the beautiful contrast they make. This variation comes in the references 1601, 1603 and 1600. This 1601 Buckley dial is unique as its in Pink gold bezels with pink gold hands.

5. ROLEX 1601 WIDE BOY (in Yellow gold and White gold bezel and markers)
The wide boy is a variation that came in the 1603 and the 1601 mostly. It consists in wide rectangular batons and wide hands, giving the watch a very nice visual appeal, the trick buying a wide boy is to make sure hands aren't replacement. 

The Mickey dial is an interesting one as some said it was made for Disney official,some said it was after market. It is interesting after all...

7. ROLEX made for Middle East


There are vintage Pink/ rose gold bezel Datejust and there are beautiful, charming and warm. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Rolex 1601 white gold bezel wide boy

The Rolex Datejust is one of the most iconic and most beloved Rolex watches ever made, even though the Datejust was launched in 1945 it has remained a timeless classic and is instantly recognizable as an item of refined quality and functional design.This Datejust can be worn just as easily with a business suit as it can be with jeans and a T-shirt. I have always love the Rolex 1600, 1601, 1603 series watches owing to the comfortable 36mm size and the varieties of dials, varieties of bezels, and the wide boy series.

Despite my 3rd attempts to grow the 6694 line of collections, somehow it didn't quite gain traction. After much consideration, I have decided to refocus my attention and refined my collection of watches by building a stronger Datejust collection by adding one more Rolex 1601 white gold fluted bezel with silver pie pan "Wide boy dial". This specific 1971 Datejust Ref. 1601 is a unique variant and is in marvelous condition. This example is commonly referred to as the "Wide Boy" as the marker and hand configuration are much wider in look and design than the typical stick markers and baton hands more commonly found on Datejust references of the same era. Zen design with simplicity, uncluttered dials plus a small date beside the 3. Inside the reference 1601 is the work horse caliber 1575 caliber, a beauty in function.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Rolex Air King ref 5506 gilt dial

The Rolex Air-King has one of the most complex histories of any Rolex model spanning nearly 70 years of continuous production.  During the Second World War, Rolex would supply their SpeedKing or other specified model on credit to British POWs. As the war drew to a close, Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf, chose to honor the RAF pilots of the Battle of Britain with a series of aviation themed watches. The "Air" series included the Air-Lion, Air-Giant, Air-Tiger, and of course the Air-King. Today, only the Air-King remains.

The first true Air-King was introduced in 1945 with the 4925. The 4925 was the follow-on to the 4365 series of "Air" models. For the international market the progression was from the 4925/4365 (sub-seconds), 4499, 6552, 5500, 14000, 14000m, then finally the super cased 114200. 

In 1958, however, a separate line evolved independently for specific markets. These included the Air-King-Date and the 5500, 5501, 5504, 5506 models for the Commonwealth market. To make matters more complex, the 5500, 5501, 5504, 5506 cases were also used for both the Air-King and Explorer. This is the uncommon reference 5506, 40 micron, gold plated, 34mm., with stainless steel Rolex Oyster steel back automatic watch from the 1950s. This is with a rare gilt dial, which made it very collectible.

The models preceding the 5500, with the exception of the 6552, used Hunter movements. Rolex continuously issued new reference numbers as they refined the Air-King line. The 6552, introduced in 1953, can be considered a transitional model to the 5500 as they appear very similar.

The Unique feature of the 5506 gilt dial is that under different light conditions, one sees different shades of brown.

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Lip Tallon chronograph

Mach 2000 watch is an amazing creation designed by Roger Tallon, a pioneer in design. Roger Tallon is a genius of design and he is the creator of many items of our daily life. He also developed many things in the industrial field.

For the Mach 2000 watch, Roger Tallon transformed the classical watch shape in a genuine design item. Each detail of this watch has an ergonomic function : wellbeing to wear the watch, easy to read the hour, easy to move the wrist. Thanks to its asymmetrical case’s shape and its round button, the Mach 2000 has a unique design. The contrast between steel case and black strap is so elegant. The retro style of this watch keeps all its authenticity.

History :

Roger Tallon is a French designer considered as one of the most important creator of the French industrial design. He is a pioneer and a visionary in the design field. He is the designer of the TGV : ergonomics, colors, lights, visual identity.

He is the first designer to create watches for a watchmaking company. He invented the Camera Duplex 9,5mm for Pathé, in 1954, and the Teleavia, the first portable TV, in 1966. He also created the famous helical stairs. He worked seven years for General Motors. Then, as a teacher, he is the one who created the first industrial design course by creating the design department of decorative arts superior national school, in Paris.

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Vintage Rolex 6694

1960s Rolex 6694 in gilt tropical dial turning brown. The 6694 is the last of the Rolex hand wind watch. 

Vintage Voit Diver watch

I was walking around TST this afternoon and came across this 1960~70s Voit diver watch in good condition. I have been focusing on diver watches such as the ZRC and Droz lately and this naturally fitted nicely in my diver collection. These diver watch prices have been escalating and is a good form of investment.

Rolex 5513, Zoit diver, Droz super compressor, and pilot Helvetia