Sunday, April 20, 2014

My friend Israel from Israel

This evening, I have managed to stay connected via Skype with my friend from Israel.

This watch was from Israel many years ago in 2009...Still in good shape..

My vintage Omegas so far..

0mega was a successful watch company in the early 1950-60s and they have produced many nice watches. In order to stay focus, I have decided to focus on Omegas with special dials (such as the Omega Olympic series), Omega constallation Cal 504, gold constellation, pie pan dials... As a result, I have sold off the non pie pan Omega constellation to a fellow collector this afternoon in order to ensure that my collections stays tight.

Cal 470
Cal 471
Cal. 504

Cal 501
Cal 550

The only non Constellation is the Omega 300 Seamaster diver (a must have cult diver's watch)'and the Seamaster with the Chronometer certification bottom photo, left)  the Omega Seamaster chronometer was a nice watch as its markers are made of Onyx. Even as a Seamaster range, it is unusual to have the chronometer status..

Cloisonne dials

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Swatch Diaphane One skeleton Carousel tourbillon

I am lucky to be able to find one Swatch Daohane one . The Diaphane One is unique & commissioned by Nicholas Hayek as a testament to the world that Swatch is capable of producing a high quality mechanical watch. Swatches were considered a plastic watch with low price tags but this time they clearly wanted to make a statement and show its expertise so the Diaphane One was conceived, a groundbreaking watch that shook the watch world. It was completely mechanical yet housed in their signature plastic case while a diamond was added for a sense of luxury.

The Swatch Group is the worlds largest watchmaker with multiple brands in it's stable. In 2001 Swatch launched its 2222 Diaphane One watches for an eye popping price of 3,333 euros, they were sold out.

The carousel movement moves inside the case what makes this watch so extremely special. The whole movement makes in one hour a full rotation.

Some data:

Swatch Diaphane One skeleton Carousel Tourbillon 
Switzerland, around 2000 
Limited, no.    M2222 
Manual wind movement, calibre ETA A93.001,14´´´; 25 jewels, hour, minute, small second 
Skeleton dial, black hands 
Original, brown leather strap with pin buckle 
Watch case and crown of plastic 
Diamond on back of watch case, sapphire glass bottom 
Original box, original certificate and warranty 
Case diameter: 42 mm; Height: 13 mm 
Length of strap: 22 cm; Lugs width: 20 mm 
Total weight: 70 g 
Fully functional, in mint condition 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Omega 1956 Olympic versus 2008

Times has changed. In the 1956 Olympic, Omega was able to use the Olympic cross of Merits crest at the back case.

Please read:

Of the 3 versions, my favourite is with the Olympic Cross of Merits on the dial..

Information from the net:

Vintage Omega constellation 166.004 with Onyx hour markers

This is a nice all original vintage Omega constellation with Onyx Hour Markers. The soft Omega beats bracelet makes it very comfortable to wear.

This model has a screw back case with the nice logo at the back..

With Onyx markers.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Omega

My vintage Omega 300 has finally arrived from US. It took more then 15 days to arrive Hong Kong but the wait is worth. In addition, my various Omega have also returned from servicing except for the solid gold and a steel and gold black dial constellation. I have sold off a couple of spares vintage Seiko and streamline my collection to focus on building a small collection of vintage Omega limiting to the special Olympic series and Chronometers Constelaltion. I must say that these vintage Omega are better made then the present days one as the movements are more refined and has the unique pink bronze colour.

Given the rising prices of the vintage Rolexes, these vintage Omegas Re true values for money. The challenge is to look for only original dials (as many have been reconditioned or refurbished which will affect the resale prices)

Vintage Omega Seamaster 300 night shots

omega 300 under the UV light..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Omega 1956 Olympic

This is the other version of Omega Olympic Seamaster from the year 1956

As this watch was formerly owned by Senator Roger C Peace,  I would like to dedicate this page to him...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Omega Seamaster XVI "Cross of Merit" 18k gold watch 1956

Omega Seamaster XVI "Cross of Merit" 18K Gold, 25th Year Official Timekeeping of Olympic Games
I have been extremely lucky to be able to find this rare omega Seamaster XVI with the Cross of Merit dial. Most of the Omega Seamaster XVI comes with the XVI wording and not the Cross of Merit dial, using the lacquered China techniques.

非常罕見的「海馬16」 OMEGA Seamaster XVI "瓷漆面黃金"版本,瓷漆面盤上的 "Cross of Merit" (金獅火炬五環徽章)圖騰浮雕,據說總數不到100只!「海馬16」是OMEGA為紀念自1932~1956連續25年擔任奧運官方計時廠商,所推出之紀念錶款。Omega Seamaster 1956 Olympic 的瓷漆面(lacquered china),是一種與其他錶款的瓷面、琺瑯面材料、作法均不同的面盤,具有一定厚度並呈半透明狀,非常優美但容易乾裂損壞。本錶是瑞士滑雪學校致贈奧運國家滑雪隊教練的,時間是1956年12月21日。

I have just collected my vintage Omega watch.

■廠牌/款式(型號)/年份:OMEGA Seamaster Ref. 2850 SC, 1956
■機芯:自動上鏈 Cal. 471, 19石
■功能:時, 分, 小秒針, 中央計時秒針
■鏡面/錶盤:原裝米白色瓷漆(lacquered china)面盤、原裝奧運金獅火炬五環徽章立體浮雕;K金立體刻度、原裝指針
■錶徑(不含錶冠)/錶長/錶耳寬:35mm / 42mm / 18mm

As this watch was formerly owned by MR. Arnold Kach, I would like to dedicate this page to him for his contributions..