Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mido Commander

This is a very interesting, rich and stylish looking time piece. Mido launched its Commander model in 1959. This utilized a one-piece case design, the very first of its type, as well as a novelty in the time. The one-piece case revolutionized the market at that time and enhanced the life span of watches considerably. The Mido Commander has survived to today, and it is among the world's most acknowledged watches with numerous unique designs, including an eighteen karat solid gold model. This model is unique as it comes with diamonds markers.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The challenges of Vintage Rolex watch collecting

The challenges of Vintage Rolex watch collecting

Recently, there are much debates with regards to dials in the various forums. Take for example the Ox Blood 1803 dial and it has invited many comments with half of the collectors saying its genuine and half saying its fake or reconditioned dial. This is the result of escalating prices for special models.

When I first started collecting watches many years ago, prices were not high and dial reconditioning technology is not so advance making it easier for hobbyist to know. Now, with the advancement of technology in printing, one has to be careful. Bearing in mind that when I first collected Rolex sports watches in the 1980-90s, these are watches costing between US$900-1000 each for all models. Moreover, Rolex has no standization in terms of crown logo designon dial as a result of outsourcing of dials, bezels etc. As a result variations existed. We have to remember that during the 1970-90s period was a depression period for the Swiss watch industry as a result of the advancement of the Japanese quartz. Moreover, many Rolex spareparts produced during these period were interchangeable.

Only in modern days, the colllector started to differntiate the mark 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7 and started to split hairs in the collection. As a result of the forum, many arguments started. In the end, who is to say its genuine of fake or reconditioned? This issue is especially important when one decides to sell the watch after many years. The sellers and forum contributors may be gone and new collectors coming into markets. As such, to try to avoid such happending, I try to send as many watches to Rolex center for service and for record as possible as they are the ultimate brand owner even though the costs are very high. Moreover, i can ensure that the parts are all geninue if needed to change. Rolex center, they will first verify the watch, serial nos and make before providing service, making it a form of authentication.

I have been very discipline and I ahve not added any new collection so far... Enjoy 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vintage military watches

Vintage military watches

I have made several attempts to collect vintage military watches and have failed several times to build up a nice collection.

The Dity Dozen is everyone's dream but so far can only find these fantastic four.

Vietnam war era: managed to get the Benrus Rype 1, Type 2A & 2B

Plus some chronos..

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Revisit Lemania “Majetek Vojenske Spravy” military watch

Revisit Lemania “Majetek Vojenske Spravy” military watch

I have tried to limit the number of watches for 2017 and so far so good. The Lemania WW2 watch dial is slowly turning brown with time..

There are two kind of finishing for the movement namely the copper finish and the steel one.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Rolex 寶光帶

Rolex 寶光帶,是泛指 60 - 70 年代,由瑞士勞力士公司授權的 OEM Rivet 釘帶。
當時勞力士原廠, 因各種生/關稅等原因亦有授權美國,日本,墨西哥等當地產商做代工錶帶。由代工廠如 Gay Freres / Mecan 等生產. 寶光帶於 ~70 年代早期停產。而家所指嘅'寳光帶',其實普遍泛指仿品。曾經聽過一個粉飾呢類仿品嘅說法,話當年喺香港生產呢D所謂勞力士錶帶嘅器材至今仍健在,原有生產方法仍可利用及後有人以昔日製作寶光帶的機器及模版