Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rolex sports

It has been one year since I have re-discoverd the joy of my vintage watch collection. Along the way, I have also sold off many of my vintage amplifiers to make space for these lovely watches.

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Rolex 6202 & 6536

The restored Rolex 6202 is finally here! The original bezel insert is so worn out that a replacement after market bezel is needed. The dial has also been reconditioned in order to be able to be presentable..

From the photo, one can see that the Rolex 6202 is slightly smaller as it used the semi- bubbleback movement while the Rolex 6236 uses the Cal 1030 butterfly movement.

There is a shop selling the 6202 at US$15,623..

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rolex 6202 Turn-O-Graph

This model can be considered as the very first Rolex watch with a rotating bezel. The Turn-O-Graph can be considered the foundation stone on which the Submariner, Sea-Dweller, Thunderbird  and Yachtmster were built. The Turn-O-Graph was initially marketed towards the business man who wanted a watch with a sporty look, but didn't want to be locked into one speciality.

The “Turn-O-Graph” ref. 6202 was introduced as early as 1953. The name was labeled in tiny print underneath the Rolex logo. Shortly thereafter the name was repositioned above the number 6. The watch featured a black rotating bezel to measure elapsed time which Rolex referred to as a “time-recording-rim”.

In 1956 Rolex launched a new version of the “Turn-O-Graph” (ref. 1625) based on, and marketed as the Datejust Turn-O-Graph (also known as the “Thunderbird”). Size:36mm diameter case, calibre 645 movement (Semi bubbleback movement)

I used to own a Rolex 6202 but I have sold it to exchange for a Rolex 1680. The Rolex 6202 was not very popular a few years back comparing to the submariner as the size is smaller. Lately, many collectors have been collecting the Rolex sports models making the Rolex 6202 quite a gem. I have tried to find a Rolex 6202 again and was fortunate to find one. However, owing to the age, there is a need for some restoration as the bezel was broken and the dial heavily damaged by oxidation. The case, movement, back case, winding crown, on the other hand, are in pretty good condition needing only a good bath.

With this old and broken watch, I have decided to sent it to my watch maker for a complete overhaul and restoration. In addition, the search for the replacement bezel as well as the dial has also started. I have not had so much fun until lately as vintage watch collection fun also comes from the restoration and searching for parts. The process is like restoring a 1950s vintage car and trying to bring it back to life.

Now eagerly waiting for the return of the Rolex 6202 Turn O graph...

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