Saturday, December 16, 2017

Triton Spirotechnique dial variations

There are 3 kinds of bezels for the Triton Spirotechnique watch. As these were small micro brands, there were also some variations in the dial as follows:

Friday, December 15, 2017

Early Christmas present : Vintage Triton Spirotechnique

Triton Spirotechnique

Originally, a Malaysian collector was supposed to send me two vintage dive watches for purchase but he went MIA. This is his second time as previously he has also agreed to sell me his Angelus LE but he changed his mind. I was rather dissapointed as i stood up for him when many fellow watch collectors were criticizing him for his issues concerning trading of watches.

Anyway, I have started to look for one last watch before the end of 2017. Originally, I was looking at Rolex 1601 Bamboo, or the Lemania nuclear watch. I couldn't find any Lemania nuclear sub watch and suddenly, a vintage Triton Spirotechnique appeared! This is one of my grail dive watch as thr quantities made are few and rare. Life is good! 

Triton Spirotechnique diver watch

I love vintage diver watches and I have been searching for the rare Triton Spirotechnique for a while after gathering some vintage ZRC. Christmas came early as I have finally managed to find one Triton Spirotechnique in very good condition. The decision to go for the Triton Spirotechnique is due to its rarity and it conform to my vintage diver watch theme.

An early competitor for the recreational dive watch market, the French firm La Spirotechnique, with its long and distinguished history in underwater technology, introduced the Triton dive watch in 1963 and remained in production through the mid-1970’s. 

In the early 1940s, the famed diver and explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau approached the firm Air Liquide, which specialized in compressed gas, to make underwater breathing devices. Cousteau and his partner, Émile Gagnan, wanted air regulators that could be attached to compressed air gas tanks to be used underwater. Due to the success of these early prototypes, Air Liquide formed the subsidiary firm, La Spirotechnique, in 1946 in order to mass-produce dive regulators. Today the firm is known as Aqua Lung/La Spirotechnique and remains one of the largest manufacturers of scuba diving equipment. 

The Spirotechnique was developed after original diving watches, Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms and Rolex’s Submariner. However, the Spirotechnique was made specifically for professional divers and the military and was much more depth resistant and innovative in design. Its specifications and and precision were designed specifically for divers’ needs. The Spirotechnique is considered one of the most iconic diving watches of all time. 

The vintage Spirotechnique diving watch was water resistant to over 200 meters. That is below the distance that natural light penetrates the open ocean water. The watch was manufactured in France and had a self winding Swiss mechanism. The casing was 37 mm in diameter, and the bezel was 39 mm. The design of the Spirotechnique featured unique oversized bezel numerals at the 10 minute markers. The Triton crown insignia and hinge were featured at the 12 o’clock hour. The date numerals had a distinctive “roulette” style alternating between red and black with the odd and even numbers. The casing was angular in shape and the watch was slim compared to other diving watches. The watch had 3 types of rotating bezel’s including minutes, meters and feet. The crown, often the weak point in diving watches, had extra protection from water leakage. The Triton Spirotechnique remains one of the best and most iconic vintage diving watches of all time.

At first glance one notes the unlikely position of the winding and setting crown on the Triton watch. 

Jean René Parmentier (1921-1998) designed the case, which was manufactured by Dodane, giving the watch an instantly recognizable look with the crown placed at the 12 position. This provided a safety measure, ensuring the diver didn’t get the watch caught on something while underwater. The watch was one of the few in the era certified water-resistant to 200 meters - one of the reasons professional divers chose this tool watch for their work. Not only was it sold to civilians, it was also issued to French military personnel well into the 1970s. 

From the 1963 catalogue, the price is 12.50 Francs higher than the Rolex Tudor Submariner.
In 1975 the French Army Central Management of Material published:
Technical Manual 
Lot of Individual Equipment
Diving Spirotechnique
Single Cylider
This lists, describes, photographed, and includes technical drawings with part lists, the Triton Spirotechnique as issued equipment.

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Rolex 8171 spare parts

The Rolex moonphase watch is rare. I am shocked to see this at such high price! US$99,999!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Latest Bonham auction results

Latest Bonham auction results

Vintage 1960s~1970s Diver watch

You buy what you love, and love what you buy.

This is a simple diver watch with a brown tropical dial. Given it's 37mm size and the tropical brown dial, the watch will have the potential to gain popularity among the collectors. If this is a Rolex, the prices will be sky high. The escalating high prices of vintage Rolex sports has raised the barrier of entry for new collectors into vintage watch collecting and making it difficult for young collectors trying to come into the hobby.
There are still many opportunities for young collectors to come into the hobby with these anonymous brands watches. Recently, I have managed to collect a few anonymous diver watches such as the Vait, Vialux, ZRC, Droz, and lately the vintage Triton Spirotechnique etc. Some of their prices are also escalating as well making them a good investment as well. I have always tried to avoid chasing the same items that many collectors are chasing to avoid paying extreme high prices and wanted to anticipate what watches have the potential 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Restoration project Lip Tallon

My year end restoration continues

Vintage Breguet Type XX price update

I was lucky to be able to find some of these watches early when the prices are not so crazy. The prices of vintage watches are on the rise owing to the internet and auction houses. This has made vintage watch collecting a good form of saving. For those who is keen.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rolex Prince Gruen Doctor watch restoration

Rolex Prince Gruen Doctor watch restoration for my friend Alex.