Sunday, August 27, 2017

Rolex 5513 & 1600

Rolex 5513 Meter first (production from 1960s-70) together with Rolex 1600. The determination of the dates of transition were done by collectors. However, we have to bear in mind that during the early period, Rolex watches were not as high positioning as now and very often, even Rolex center will  fit in different period items during servicing , especially the case back.

Monday, August 21, 2017

September 2017 Q3 review

In my efforts to limit the number of watches, I have traded my Angelus Dato for the Rolex Oman black dial and I have traded my vintage Seiko for a Rolex 1600, etc. 
To keep a tight collection, I am focusing on :

  1. Vintage Rolex, 
  2. Vintage rado with rare mineral dials, 
  3. Divers and military watches and some 
  4. Vintage Omegas.

1. Rolex Oman ref 1603 (From Japan)
Traded Angelus Dato

2. ZRC Series 3 from France

3. Rolex Big Bubbleback ref 6105 Watch from Texas

4. Rado Blue Lapis (Watch from US)

5. Rolex 1600 (Watch from Hong Kong)
Traded with Seiko Bullhead.

6. Rolex 5513 Meter First (Watch from Hong Kong watch fair)

7. Rolex 1601 Buckley dial with pink gold bezel (Watch from Hong Kong)
Traded with Rolex silver trench watch

8. Rolex Bubbleback from Texas

9. Omega Constellations (watches from Hong Kong)
Traded Rado Daydate, Diver watches.

As a rule, to tighten my watch collection, I have traded off the following watches:

Rolex 1600 無字天書

Just traded my vintage Seiko bullhead watch for a Rolex 1600  無字天書 in all original unpolished condition, as part of my streamlining exercise. I am trying to bring down my number of watches and I have started to trade away other brands and focus on the few cores. 

The Rolex Datejust series watches are very interesting as it has the smooth bezel (1600), the fluted bezel (1601) and engine turned bezel (1603). In addition, there is also a avriations of dials such as the the Wide Boy series, and a hosts of different dials colours plus dials with code of arms for UAE, for Oman etc...

Friday, August 04, 2017

The Dirty Dozen www

I'm in the process of collecting the Dirty Dozen .,,www with seven more watches to go..,

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Rado blue Lapis Lazuli Diastar

This is an uncommon Diastar 8/1 model with tungsten-carbide case and a dial made of Lapis Lazuli. It is similar to most Diastars of the 1970s, with a faceted sapphire crystal, day/date display at 6 oclock and an NSA bracelet. However, the lapis dial sets this model apart from most. With a printed anchor logo (as opposed to the in-set rotating anchor found on most Rado automatics) and the white printing and marker elements setting off the stone dial material.  I love the Rado Diastar with the blue Lapis. Just found another piece that come with the original box and guarantee card.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Rado Diastar Tiger Eye 8/1

After months of searching, I have finally found the Rado Diastar in rare Tiger Eye dial. The watch may need some minor cleaning up. So happy!

From the adverstisment below, the Tiger Eye Rado was selling at US$395 during the 1970s!

Its US$2243.9 in 2017

Spy watch

Israel’s Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy Eli Cohen in Damascus, Syria, in the early 1960s, wearing the watch that ...