Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Mondani Collection of 309 Rolex Wristwatches (Antiquorum)

The Mondani Collection of 309 Rolex Wristwatches attains
CHF 11,037,278 at Antiquorum Geneva sale and achieves world record price of CHF 738,500 for a Rolex watch at auction.
The total, astounding, result after today’s second session, for the auction of the Mondani Collection is CHF 11,037,278 (€7,124,783.69) with 100 % of the lots sold for 200% of the value. Several more world records were set. Most significantly by lot number 293, Ref. 4113 “Chronographe Rattrapante” that sold for CHF 738,500; the highest price ever paid for Rolex watch at auction!

Other world records for watches in their categories were the CHF 469,700 paid for lot 249, Ref. 6062 in yellow gold with diamond indexes and moonphases, and the CHF 118,000 achieved by lot 276 Ref. 6541 “Milgauss” with black dial. The Rolex Panerai, lot 246, sold for a world record of CHF 112,000 as well as lot 247 a Bubbleback and lot 193; an Airking model.
Strong, international bidding from every corner of the world via means of the telephone and on-line as well as from the many enthusiastic bidders gathered in the auction room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Geneva.
Osvaldo Patrizzi, Chairman and CEO of Antiquorum said after the sale that the this has been one of the most remarkable experiences in his entire career as an auctioneer and watch expert. This sale has proven that the collectors have no limit in price when it comes to acquiring watches of superb quality and with a solid history such as those included in the Mondani collection.
Fresh market levels have been established for Rolex collectors watches and especially for the important pieces’ a new price basis has been set. Altogether the watch collecting market looks very promising at present and the future is prosperous.
Guido Mondani was indeed very happy with the outcome of the sale. He commented that “It has been a magnificent experience all along and I am very happy to see that my choices are appreciated to such an extent by collectors”. Mr. Mondani further said he has already a started another collection, however, did not want to specify its nature.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Rolex 6542 pepsi (without crown guard)

The Rolex 6542 Pepsi dial continues to charm me with its simple and yet modern design.

Rolex 6062 my dream watch

After months of waiting, my Rolex 6202 moonphase watch has finally arrived. The watch is in its original condition without any polishing or touch up since the 1950s..

During the early 1950's, Rolex launched reference 6062, which is seen by many collectors as the ultimate Rolex wristwatch. In fact, together with reference 8171, it is one of only two models to show the date, the weekday, the month and the phases of the moon. The 6062 model is in a "screw on" oyster case while the 8171 is a "clip on" case.

Only very few examples of reference 6062 were made - cased in either yellow or pink gold, or even more rarely, in stainless steel. To further enhance the watch's individuality and exclusivity, a variety or dial designs were available, few with the most popular star-shaped numerals. 

This is an original and unspoilt condition and fitted with the highly sought after "star" dial, representing an extremely fine collector's watch.  Some says that this is the best watch Rolex ever produce, which I agree totally. The watch is fitted with the Rolex bubbleback movement and it will fit nicely with my other bubleback collections.. Dream come true : )

Enjoy and count your blessing always!

Spy watch

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