Thursday, June 29, 2017

Spare Rolex 6542 service dial

This is a service dial for Rolex 6542 GMT. Which one do you prefer? Anyone looking for a service 6542 dial can contact me.



Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Herodia Diver 1960s

This is a Herodia Diver circa 1960 with glossy dial automatic diver watch. Even though its a small brand but its 37mm large size and its unique dial plus condition made this a desirable watch to wear.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Rolex Mickey

Mickey Mouse Rolex has always been a subject of controversies among collectors. Some said that Rolex Mickey started in Japan and there was a batch produced for the executives in Disney. Others said its an after market dial made using real dial on real Rolex watch. Nevertheless, its an interesting and fun watch. I bought mine as a fun keepsake – a reminder of a fun and young at heart. 

A First Look at John Mayer's Custom Mickey Mouse Rolex Daytona


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rolex 6426 made for the Middle East Saudi Airfoce (Al Quwat to Jawiya)

I have been collecting many vintage watches with special Middle East dials for many years and I have been on a constant look out for watches made for the Middle East. Given the ridiculously high prices of the Rolex sports models, I have stopped chasing for them.

Recently, I was able to trade my Rolex 6564 gilt pie pan sector dial plus cash top up for the Rolex 6426 (Al Quwat to Jawiya) made for the Middle East watch all the way from Japan. By trading, I have kept my policy of One In and One Out and hopefully keep the quantities of watches to manageable level. This direction will also help me to stay focus on my core collections.

The Rolex 6426 were made from the late 1950s till 1990-91. Sometimes it is know as Rolex Oyster Royal and the manual wind movement is one of the best from Rolex. With a slim case, the watch is extremely comfortable to wear. The watch was made for the Saudi Airforce.

Life is good!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Vintage Breguet Type XX

I was going thorough some web sites and was shocked to look at the extent of increased in prices for vintage watches. 

On second thought, looking at the increased in prices for vintage 3rd grade brands such as Doxa, Enicar, Titus etc, as a result of the internet, it is not surprising that everything and every brand is "collectible" now. 


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

June 2017 Q2 Review

I have decided to do a quarterly review of the watches I collect in order to remind myself to stay focus. As there are many nice watches out there and its impossible to collect them all, I have to constantly do a streamlining exercise.

From April 2017 onward, I have collected the following watches:

1.Seiko Bullhead 6138-0040 Brown "Seiko 5Sports SpeedTimer"
Watch from Japan and made for the Japan market

2. Rolex 6104 Big bubbleback: Found in Thailand (from a European dealer)

3. Rolex 1600 with special dial: Found in Thailand

4. Jardur Chronograph 1950s - One owner watch: Found in Thailand

5. Angelus Chronodat: Watch from Peru

6. Rolex 1601: Watch from HCMC

7. Z.R.C. étanche grands fonds series 2
Watch from France and Belgium

8. Vintage W10 Military watches
Watch from US and UK

9. Rolex 6426 made for the Middle East Saudi Airfoce (Al Quwat to Jawiya)
Watch from Japan

To bring down the number of watches, I have let go the following watches as part of my thinning exercise. May need to bring down more...

Restoration Project 3: NOS Bezel Ring for ZRC series 3

My earlier ZRC series 3 is in good condition except for the used and aged ZRC bezel insert. Actually, it looks quite alright for a tool watch used for diving.

I was surfing and looking through the instagram and came across a rare NOS bezel for my ZRC from Switzerland. As the ZRC watch is quite rare plus it is not easy to find a NOS spare part for the ZRC, I have decided to to upgrade the watch with original part to bring it to its former glory.  One of my hobby is to find original parts of vintage watches and upgrade them. Next is to look for a set of NOS hands...

After installing the NOS bezel and NOS hands 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Restoration Project 2 : Vintage watches waiting for hands

I have currently waiting for two sets of hands to arrive namely one for the Cyma WWW military (as well as the winding crown and stem for WWW Cyma) and another set of hands for the Lost Navigators. The set of hands and crowns for the Cyma www arrived yesterday and now the wait has began for the Lost Navigator. Once the hands have arrived, it will not be lost anymore. 

Restoration Project 1 : WWW CYMA military

Vintage watch collecting sometimes requires some perseverance and determination. I have managed to find the original hands and crown for the WWW Cyma watch from the 1940s. Finding imperfect watch for restoration may be a cheaper way to collect watches. However, the process often takes time and efforts but the satisfaction is enormous. Two more projects to go...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wishlists watches

These are my wish lists of watches to be found... watches are from the net and not mine...

My wish lists

Z.R.C. étanche grands fonds series 2 part 2

Z.R.C. étanche grands fonds series 2 part 2

Buying vintage watches is like forced saving for me. I take it as my little investment for the future. This is another all original Z.R.C. étanche grands fonds series 2 from Belgium. I was having a long negotiation with the collector and finally succeeded in an agreement. I believe Keith will like this watch when he starts to work after his University as this watch has its own character. As a small tool watch brand, it has the innovation of its time as well as form follows function. It will be nice when father and son can wear the same design watch! : )

Spy watch

Israel’s Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy Eli Cohen in Damascus, Syria, in the early 1960s, wearing the watch that ...