Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rolex Early gilt dial 6694

I must admit, i am not a real fan for the Rolex 6694 as I find the design too similar to the current collection.
However, this is an exception. This is a steel 6694 with All Original Black and Gilt Rolex Signed Dial with Early Dagger-Style Rolex Hands, Gold Hour Markers and Rolex Signed Oyster Screw-Down Crown. What made this watch interesting is that the black dial has evolved into a black with brown print dial..Looks like the leopard skin...
In addition, the caliber 1225 is a very reliable and perhaps the last of the oyster hand wind movement.

I must really improve my photographic skills..

The hand wind movements :
1. Rolex speedking
2. Rolex Royal
3. Rolex 6694
4. Rolex 6466
5. Rolex 6494
6. Rolex 6426
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Vintage 1960-1970s Mickey mouse watch

This is a 1960-1970s Mickey mouse watch most probably made in Hong Kong. Interesting feature of the watch are the wording "Swiss Movt", perhaps an important feature during the 60-70s..stating the quality...

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Location:Metropolis Dr,,Hong Kong

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rolex 1016 explorer 1 gilt dial

Even though I am back in Bangkok for meeting, I am glad to receive the news that the Rolex center has completed the authenticity check on the watch serial nos and case and is quoting on the price for servicing.
I have instructed not to change parts and dials as well as no need for polishing. Can't wait for the watch to complete its servicing as this watch has the same year as my birthday....

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Location:Soi Chao Phraya,Bangkok,Thailand

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Class of 1950s

I like clustering things and grouping them in classes. the pictures below shows the class of the 1950s...see the similarity?

One important factor to consider these vintage pieces is that it must come with an original dial and not reconditioned dial and the movement must be working...

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Rolex semi bubbleback 6084

This evening, I am very fortunate to be able to find a nice condition 1953 semi bubbleback. For those who know me, I love the early bubbleback and semi bubble. Recently, I have been streamlining my watch collection by selling away many military watches, other brands watches as well as my Tudor in order to focus my collection on vintage Rolex.

Even though it's hard to let go some of my collection, but I guess from the budget point of view, it is a question of either this or that. These regular streamlining helps to define my collection in a tighter scale and perhaps add more consistency in my find.

From the bubbleback point of view, the prices of these have dropped versus the times of the 1990s, largely due to the demand for bigger watches and sports models. My personal belief is that the trend for these regular size watches will return as these are definitely more comfortable size to wear for every day use..


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Location:Metropolis Dr,,Hong Kong

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Vintage watches update

Just bought home the 16550 cream and 1019...reunion with the Tudor Ranger, Explorer 1 ref 1016, explorer 2 ref 1655, 5513, 1680, 6202 and 5508

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Location:Gilstead Rd,,Singapore

Vintage Glashutte diver

This is the vintage Glashutte diver made in Germany. Case: chrome plated; diameter excl. crown approx 38mm; lug to lug approx. 46mm; lug wid...