Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rolex Early gilt dial 6694

I must admit, i am not a real fan for the Rolex 6694 as I find the design too similar to the current collection.
However, this is an exception. This is a steel 6694 with All Original Black and Gilt Rolex Signed Dial with Early Dagger-Style Rolex Hands, Gold Hour Markers and Rolex Signed Oyster Screw-Down Crown. What made this watch interesting is that the black dial has evolved into a black with brown print dial..Looks like the leopard skin...
In addition, the caliber 1225 is a very reliable and perhaps the last of the oyster hand wind movement.

I must really improve my photographic skills..

The hand wind movements :
1. Rolex speedking
2. Rolex Royal
3. Rolex 6694
4. Rolex 6466
5. Rolex 6494
6. Rolex 6426
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