Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Goodbye 2014

Today is the last day of 2014. As a fellow watch collector, I thought it will be good to do a review on how my watch collection progress.

My top 15 buy in 2014

1. Twin pair of Omega 1956 Oylmpic watches. One of the watch was from US and the other from Taipei.real interesting watches with history.

2. Benrus Vietnam war military watches  Type 1 class A And Type 2 class A and B. To find the Benrus has been one of the toughest as these were quite rare and are real tool watch used by the special forces. It has taken me months to find them. I have to trade one of my Seiko divér in order to swap for one as well.

3. Triangular masonic watch. I saw photo of this watch from the book some 20 years ago and has not seen one real. I came across one from Taiwan Kaosiong but the asking price of NT$40000 is a it on the high side for me. With some luck, I managed to find one from overseas at a very good price.

4. Military IWC Mark X and XI. Being relatively new in military watch collection plus having tried and gave up military watch collection several times, these two watches doesn't come easy. First, I have to be determined and convinced myself that I want to start collecting military watches. 

5. Rolex 16550 Explorer cream dial. I have heard of the Rolex cream dial but was worried as there are fake cream dial (more brown, actually) around. In the end, I was lucky to be able to find one in nice condition and joins the Explorer family of 1016, 6610, 1655.

6. Rolex 5500 Explorer. I used to own a Rolex 5504 Explorer Precision 20 years ago but sold it owing to wrong information from Rolex Center Singapore who has insisted that there is no such models. At that time, without proper books for reference and internet, it was difficult to gain knowledge. After 20+ years, I finally come across another Rolex Explorer precision in gilt dial. I would not have getting the watch if it's not a gilt dial as there are many reconditioned dials being placed on the Rolex 5500.

7. Omega 300. I have sold a fully restored Omega Seamaster 300 to Wendy and I have regretted since then. As there are many fakes or assembled Omega 300 using real Omega movements and replica case etc, I have been careful to avoid these. However, after doing much research, I came across a nice piece in original dial and good price from US.

8. Omega constellation gold. I have always been a Vintage Rolex fans but since I was in Hing Kong, I will need to find some vintage Omega 八卦面 + black dial + 烏蠅字markers + solid gold. I re,embedded having to trade in many of my other watches to trade for this unit.

9. Rolex hooded Bubbleback. My love of bubblebacks begins in 1988 and has continues to gain momentum even after so many years. I have traded in several other watches in order to get these two beauties and it has to come by chance in order to find these in good conditions. Sometimes, 好事成雙mane both came around the same time... It was very stressful as my cash was limited and I need to trade in my other watches in order to get these two...😊😁

10. Grand Seiko. I have never imagine I would collect vintage Seiko watches as many perceive it to be common, low priced and not collectable. However, for serious Seiko watch collector, one must understand the technology of the Grand Seiko.

11. Seiko Divers 6159 Hi beat. This is a very difficult watch to hunt as being a tool watch plus watch used by divers, not many of these can be found, especially in good conditions.  I need to get the help of 7 gor and Brian in order to find one all the way from Japan.

12. Seiko first divér 62 Mas. Being a watch collector, collecting the first Seiko divers is a must.

13. Gubelin Moonphase. I didn't take notice of this Gubelin Moonphase until Cheong gor highlighted that it's almost the same size with the Rolex 8171. There are large Moonphase wTches but mainly inhand-winding  mode. Automatic moonphase watches in larger sizes are quite rare.

14. Seiko 6159-7010 Titanium. For collector of vintage Seiko, there are a few  must namely the Dress watch hi beat Grand Seiko, the 62 Mas (first Seiko divér) and the hi beat 300 meter 6159 and the 600 meter Seiko Divér in Titanium.

15. Earth watch by Seiko. This is a unique Earth watch by Seiko

Of all the watches that I have sold or traded, I missed the following;  two of my Rolex 1016 Explorers, one very nicely restored Rolex1655 Explorer 2, Rolex big bubbleback 6105, JLC WW2 military, Lemania Czech WW2, large 55mm Laco pilot,.nearly all my IWC dress watches, Glycine 24 hours military, JLC alarm, ...😊

Monday, December 29, 2014

Cheap Vintage watches

Recently, I have bought two cheap vintage watches from Bangkok that needs servicing. Collecting these vintage watches is fun as the pleasure of restoring it back to a healthy watch is enormousl. It also helps to remind me that everything has its values in this world... We need to remind ourselves to be humble..

Friday, December 26, 2014


Went to the Chaktuchak JJ night market this evening and found an old 1950s gold cap and lugs Norexa at very good price. Need some cleaning to bring the watch back to its glory days 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Limited edition Thailand watch

Since I am in Thailand, I have wanted to some souvenir that has Thai elements and I came across a limited edition with Thail worlds and numbering.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Benrus Type 2 Class B

Vintage military watches are one of the most interesting sub-sets of timepiece collecting. For many, they encapsulate the essence of "tool watch" in their most elemental form - if for no other reason than they were built to be issued to sailors, soldiers and airmen and brought into some of the harshest 

Benrus has produced the Type I and Type II, which feature different dial designs but share the same 43mm asymmetrical corrosion-resistant steel case, ETA-based automatic movement and a depth rating of 1200 feet.
Within the Type II specification, fewer than 1,000 were designated as 'Class B,' hallmarked by non-luminous dials and painted, non-luminous hands, done to exclude even the small amounts of radioactivity generated by Radium and Tritium material that can interfere with sensitive instruments and sensors (like inside a nuclear submarine).  

Monday, December 15, 2014

Benrus Vietnam war military

Of all my military watches, the Benrus is one of my favourite as the size is just nice and it's rugged and it can be used daily. In addition, with the anonymous dial and without any branding, it truly reflects the fact that it is a tool watch, a watch used during military operation.

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Waltham Masonic wristwatch

Love Your Fellow Man Lend Him a Helping Hand" 

I have been searching for this special Triangular "Waltham" wristwatch with Masonic influences for a while. The dial has various Masonic symbols in place of the numerals and a triangular hour pointer to go with the overall triangular motif. Built in to the frame at the 12 o'clock position is a loop containing the typical logo for Freemasonry (compass, square, letter 'G').

The watch is featured in American Watches, Five Decades of Style and Design. by Faber and Unger page 171. It is noted "This wristwatch is highly sought after and collectible when found in the original condition" 

This is a massive watch measuring 45mm lug to lug and 40mm across at the widest part of the bezel. On the upper lug is the letter "G" within the star. Also represented is the "point within the circle." The case is 14K rolled gold with a stainless steel back. The movement is Waltham LT 2540 nickel-finished lever encasement, 17 jewels Swiss, manual wind.

 " Love Your Fellow Man Lend Him A Helping Hand " is printed above the 6 o'clock position. Symbols on this watch are derived from Phoenix masonry, the Blue Lodge and York Rite bodies, such as tools of the different degrees in Freemasonry on the dial. The outer rim of the dial and bezel is outlined, symbolizes the unbroken chain of Brotherly Love and Affection. The hand are original with triangle hour, baton minute and a red tip sweeping second. 

Waltham Watch Company went out of business in 1957 when it became the Waltham Precision Instrument Company. 

The Finer Details

Waltham (Swiss) Triangular Masonic Wristwatch, circa 1960's 

Movement: 17 jewel, manual winding 

Band: Brown leather, gold plated buckle 

Signed: movement, dial and case signed "Swiss Made", dial also signed Waltham 

Dial: full color Masonic symbols at hours 

Hands; triangle, baton and sweep 

Metal: Bezel 14K rolled gold, steel back 

Case Info: chain link bezel pattern, upper Masonic symbol 

Case Length: 45 mm

Case Width: 40 mm across bottom edge 

Crystal: acrylic

Circa: 1960's

Porcelain dial watch

I love watches in porcelain dial. Below is a watch that can be used for 8 days and the watch movement was first used in the pocket watch. I suspect these are the remaining old movement that has been re-cased by the brand into a wrist watch

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Rolex Bubbleback ref 2940

I have always have a soft spot for the bubbleback. Just found an original bubbleback from 1946 in used condition that needs some tender loving care. One of the great joy of vinatge watch collection is in the process of restoration to its glory.

Spy watch

Israel’s Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy Eli Cohen in Damascus, Syria, in the early 1960s, wearing the watch that ...