Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

Today is the last day of 2014. As a fellow watch collector, I thought it will be good to do a review on how my watch collection progress.

My top 15 buy in 2014

1. Twin pair of Omega 1956 Oylmpic watches. One of the watch was from US and the other from Taipei.real interesting watches with history.

2. Benrus Vietnam war military watches  Type 1 class A And Type 2 class A and B. To find the Benrus has been one of the toughest as these were quite rare and are real tool watch used by the special forces. It has taken me months to find them. I have to trade one of my Seiko divér in order to swap for one as well.

3. Triangular masonic watch. I saw photo of this watch from the book some 20 years ago and has not seen one real. I came across one from Taiwan Kaosiong but the asking price of NT$40000 is a it on the high side for me. With some luck, I managed to find one from overseas at a very good price.

4. Military IWC Mark X and XI. Being relatively new in military watch collection plus having tried and gave up military watch collection several times, these two watches doesn't come easy. First, I have to be determined and convinced myself that I want to start collecting military watches. 

5. Rolex 16550 Explorer cream dial. I have heard of the Rolex cream dial but was worried as there are fake cream dial (more brown, actually) around. In the end, I was lucky to be able to find one in nice condition and joins the Explorer family of 1016, 6610, 1655.

6. Rolex 5500 Explorer. I used to own a Rolex 5504 Explorer Precision 20 years ago but sold it owing to wrong information from Rolex Center Singapore who has insisted that there is no such models. At that time, without proper books for reference and internet, it was difficult to gain knowledge. After 20+ years, I finally come across another Rolex Explorer precision in gilt dial. I would not have getting the watch if it's not a gilt dial as there are many reconditioned dials being placed on the Rolex 5500.

7. Omega 300. I have sold a fully restored Omega Seamaster 300 to Wendy and I have regretted since then. As there are many fakes or assembled Omega 300 using real Omega movements and replica case etc, I have been careful to avoid these. However, after doing much research, I came across a nice piece in original dial and good price from US.

8. Omega constellation gold. I have always been a Vintage Rolex fans but since I was in Hing Kong, I will need to find some vintage Omega 八卦面 + black dial + 烏蠅字markers + solid gold. I re,embedded having to trade in many of my other watches to trade for this unit.

9. Rolex hooded Bubbleback. My love of bubblebacks begins in 1988 and has continues to gain momentum even after so many years. I have traded in several other watches in order to get these two beauties and it has to come by chance in order to find these in good conditions. Sometimes, 好事成雙mane both came around the same time... It was very stressful as my cash was limited and I need to trade in my other watches in order to get these two...😊😁

10. Grand Seiko. I have never imagine I would collect vintage Seiko watches as many perceive it to be common, low priced and not collectable. However, for serious Seiko watch collector, one must understand the technology of the Grand Seiko.

11. Seiko Divers 6159 Hi beat. This is a very difficult watch to hunt as being a tool watch plus watch used by divers, not many of these can be found, especially in good conditions.  I need to get the help of 7 gor and Brian in order to find one all the way from Japan.

12. Seiko first divér 62 Mas. Being a watch collector, collecting the first Seiko divers is a must.

13. Gubelin Moonphase. I didn't take notice of this Gubelin Moonphase until Cheong gor highlighted that it's almost the same size with the Rolex 8171. There are large Moonphase wTches but mainly inhand-winding  mode. Automatic moonphase watches in larger sizes are quite rare.

14. Seiko 6159-7010 Titanium. For collector of vintage Seiko, there are a few  must namely the Dress watch hi beat Grand Seiko, the 62 Mas (first Seiko divér) and the hi beat 300 meter 6159 and the 600 meter Seiko Divér in Titanium.

15. Earth watch by Seiko. This is a unique Earth watch by Seiko

Of all the watches that I have sold or traded, I missed the following;  two of my Rolex 1016 Explorers, one very nicely restored Rolex1655 Explorer 2, Rolex big bubbleback 6105, JLC WW2 military, Lemania Czech WW2, large 55mm Laco pilot,.nearly all my IWC dress watches, Glycine 24 hours military, JLC alarm, ...😊


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