Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Benrus Type 2 Class B

Vintage military watches are one of the most interesting sub-sets of timepiece collecting. For many, they encapsulate the essence of "tool watch" in their most elemental form - if for no other reason than they were built to be issued to sailors, soldiers and airmen and brought into some of the harshest 

Benrus has produced the Type I and Type II, which feature different dial designs but share the same 43mm asymmetrical corrosion-resistant steel case, ETA-based automatic movement and a depth rating of 1200 feet.
Within the Type II specification, fewer than 1,000 were designated as 'Class B,' hallmarked by non-luminous dials and painted, non-luminous hands, done to exclude even the small amounts of radioactivity generated by Radium and Tritium material that can interfere with sensitive instruments and sensors (like inside a nuclear submarine).  

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