Saturday, August 19, 2006

Vintage Omega watches

I like vintage Omega watches as they are well made and exceptionally accurate watches. Omega has a series consisting of Omega Devill, Seamaster, Cosmic, Constellation.

Most of the vintage Omega watches have nice pink coloured movements! Of the various Omega, I liked the Omega constellation with the pan pie "Octagonal" dial and the Costellation has been considered a highest grade with officially certified chronometer.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Alarm watch

This is a mint condition 1950s alarm watch. It is very convenient for use during overseas business trip as one need not bring any alarm clock with us.

However, with the mobile phone having the alarm function, the alarm fnction may not be too critcal now.

Nevertheless, itr is amazing technology (at that time ) to be able to have alarm function all in one into a tiny watch!

Hamilton military watch

This is a 1960s-70s Hamilton military watch in solid steeel case. The cas of the watch is being cast from aone block of steel which made it very tough for use in extreme condition.

I was trying to collect a series of military watches as these watches were issued to servicemen from the various armed forces and owing to the nature of the job, it is extremely difficult to find them in such nice condition.

I found this watch in the 1980s when I was still in the University. I bought this watch from an Englishmen staying in Singapore.

Spy watch

Israel’s Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy Eli Cohen in Damascus, Syria, in the early 1960s, wearing the watch that ...