Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rolex big bubble back overtone ref 4467

In addition, there is another big full bubble back ref4467. Just added this fat lady into my collection. Saw one in Shanghai too but didn't buy it as the asking price of rmb$70000 is high, but the condition is nice,

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage watch fever

My vintage watch collection fever has intensified lately with the search and acquisition moving at faster speed. Using the cash I got from the sales of my vintage speakers, I have began to actively hunt for watches...

Collecting vintage watches is relatively stress free as it takes very little storing space and easy maintenance. The difficulty of course is to find these watches with original dial and in pristine condition. This in term is a good challenge as for a watch to be beautiful after years of wear and tear is really not an easy task.

Nevertheless, the challenge is the fun! Enjoy : )

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vintage rolex

These are vintage watches from 1930s till 1950s

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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rolex big bubble back ref 6031

There are a few versions of the big bubblback using the full bubble movements. I have always love the bubble back for it's fat round back. Here is a very rare watch. This is a 1950s Rolex datejust know as the "Ovettone" Model number 6031. It is crafted entirely out of 18K pink gold. Diameter is 36mm and 44mm long with 20mm between lugs.

there is another model 4467
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Longines comet

I have always wanted to look for The Longines Comet, a short-lived mystery dial from the seventies. It is an unusual watch, featuring a broad arrow for hours and an orbiting dot for minutes. Both are on revolving discs, making them appear to move without being connected to the dial, hence the term 'mystery dial'.

The indication 'T Swiss Made T' on the bottom of the dial means that the watch contains a certain quantity of tritium that emits less than 227 MBq (7,5 mCi). The watch is considered to be uncommon, as the design was deemed too avant-garde for tastes at the time, so comparatively few were sold. Red is the most rare colour, followed by yellow, the most common colour being blue. It was also produced in black and white, and in brown and green variations. I have managed to find the yellow one..cheers

Rolex Royal vintage 1950s

I went down to an antique shop which has a few vintage watches this afternoon and I have managed to find this 1950s vintage Rolex Royal. The dial is unusual as it has the "tear drop" markers instead of the usual straight markers. The dial has aged gracefully and despite having a few marks, I love it's natural aging process and the slight yellowish colour. The vintage Royal used to be so common (during the late 80s, but it seems to be getting rarer.

This watch will always remind me of my rely days when I first started to collect vintage watches! Happy new year

Vintage Glashutte diver

This is the vintage Glashutte diver made in Germany. Case: chrome plated; diameter excl. crown approx 38mm; lug to lug approx. 46mm; lug wid...