Saturday, July 28, 2012

Creamy dial

Last Friday, I have decided to send in my rolex creamy for a service. The authentication will take 2 weeks followed by some more days... It takes so long ... Really missed my creamy..

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rolex year of production chart

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Variations of Rolex 16650 dials

There are a few variations of the Rolex 16550 Explorer 2 (white)

1. Normal white dial with white markers

2. White dial with cream markers

3. Cream dial with cream makers (rail&)

4. Cream iCal with cream marker (non rail)

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Rolex explorer 2 cream dial 16550

After days of waiting, my Creamy Explorer 2 finally arrived all the way from the USA! As this is Saturday, a non working day, I will have to wait till Monday morning to receive the watch from office. Since I just do not have the patience to wait, I called up FedEx and request for self collection! The places was quite far but I was determined to get the watch!
Yea! Finally, my Creamy comes home!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Watch in transit

Treasure in transit.... : )

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Rolex Thunderbird TOG

As mentioned previously, the Rolex Turn O graph (Thunderbird) is IMHO an under rated models that  has the potential for appreciation in values (lets look at the Daytona, Submariners, Sea Dweller and GMTs, Explorers etc). There are a few versions of the Thunderbirds and in so far, I can only managed to find the earlier 1957 Ref 6609, and second generation ref 1624 from 1966.

These watches are generally known as Turn-O-Graph, though in some special references, are also known as Thunderbird model. Both watches, reference 6609 and 1625 are actually a variant of the more well known and succesful Model Date Just.
The original Thuderbird model, got a 18K case and was equipped with a turning bezel (turning in both directions). The concept of a revolving bezel graduated in minutes, was just revolutionary. The first TOG reference 6202, offered an stainless steel case, with black dial, and black bezel. In the year 1954, Rolex introduces several changes in their TOG model, changing its overall aspect, and its movement, first for the A296 caliber, and later for the caliber 1065. The new TOG receives the reference number 6309, and was kept in their catalog till year 1959.
Between the years 1956 and 1959, a new variant of the TOG is offered, under the reference number 6609, equipped with a caliber 1065. While in Europe, the 6609 reference keeped being known as Turn-O-Graph, in the USA this particular variant is better known as "Model Thunderbird".
It is important to note,that the true "Thuderbird Model" should only be considered the 6609 reference, as this one was the similar one to the watches supplied to the Aerobatic Team.

This in spite of the fact that it is the extended custom, specially in the USA, to call "Thunderbird" to every TOG, incuding posterior references.
By the other hand, the Rolex official name for the line of wacthes hereby presented, is Date Just Turn O Graph.This makes for a little confusing about the names of these models and variants, and I hope this helps to clarify this issue.
The rotating bezel, is also 18K (white gold or yellow gold) revolving in both sides, with high relief numerals. It is ineresting to note, that in spite of the fact that the TOG is a variant of the famous Date Just, an it got the same markings under the Coronet, there is a difference in the options:
1. The TOG Thunderbird was never offered with a whole case AND bezel made of stainless steel (which the common Date Just offered). 
2. The TOG always included a "touch" of gold, being in the bezel (yellow or white gold) in
combination with an steel case, or full gold case, and gold bezel.
3. The TOG Thunderbird either come with a leather startp or Jubilee bracelets (NOT Oyster bracelet)

There are some differences between the 6609 and the 1624 :
1. Movements
2. Bezels
3. Markers : 6609 tends to have triangular markers while the 1624 has straights

So, watch collector, start your hunt for the

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rolex 16550 cream dial

After much consideration, I am finally made the decision to go for the cream dial 16550 Explorer 2 from the late 1980s.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

My wish lists

My wish lists for the year..
1. Rolex Explorer ll ref 16650 cream dial

2. Rolex double red Sea Dweller

3. Rolex GMT 1675
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sleepless night- dreaming of the cream dial Explorer 2

Tonight, I am having a sleepless night dreaming of the cream dial 16650. As you can see, i have done much research on the net and try to gather as much information as possible. The prices of these beauty have gone up so much that I am really thinking hard and at the same time trying to decide on the rail or non rail version etc....

Look at the differences in dial colour between the cream and white..

I have been offered a non rail version plus black ring version in Hk as per photo below, but I have my doubt

I love dreaming.....
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Prices of Rolex 16550 cream dial

The prices of 16550 cream dial varies from US $9k to 11+k....

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Under rated Rolex : the Rolex Turn O Graph ( Aka Thunderbird)

I have collected vintage watches since 1988. During the late late 80s-90s, Rolex Sports watches were not in demand at all. During that time, I was able to find nice Rolex Explorer 1 ref 1016 at US$800' while an Explorer 2 costs around US$1000. Recently, the demand for these sports watches has drove out prices of the Daytona,
Sea dwellers, Submariner and even the GMT. One of the quasi Sports watch that IMHO to appreciate in values is the Rolex Turn O Graph Thunderbird which has both a sporty and elegance appearance. My guess is that it will be a mater of time, the fever will catch on o these nice under rated watches especially the 1625 model with white gold bezel..
What do you think?

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Types of Rolex Explorer 2

There are a varieties of so called Cream dials:

There are also differences between the Rolex 16550 vs 16570

According to an expect,
1. Real cream dials have to be Rail dial...
2. The bottom four lines have to aline in this way:
Superlative Chronometer
Officially Certified
The 2 C's have to line up. If it does not have that it's not really 16550 cream dial.
3. Cream dial with the correct fat font bezel:
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However, here are much debates from the web...

Rolex Explorer 2 ref 16550 cream dial

This is an interesting insights on rolex 16550 cream dial from the net:

If one enquires from The Rolex Watch Company about the so called "Cream/Ivory" dial Explorer II Ref 16550, the company will tell you that it does not exist. So if it does not exist then what is all the fuss about?
Well, unintentionally, it does exist. I say unintentionally because in reality the dial colour was supposed to be white, but due to some fault in the paint used by the Rolex watch Company, the dial left the factory as cream or Ivory colour. Thus the Cream/Ivory colour Explorer II was born. They were made in the mid 1980's, probably from 1984 to 1986, with either a 8 or 9 million serial number and only a small quantity of watches were actually sold. The reason for this was quite simple: they were not popular at all. This Model Reference also came in a black dial version and later on in a white dial version (1986-1988).
In recent years, Rolex Collectors have been chasing the price of this model, driving it higher and ever higher. As with most things in life, as the price and demand of an article rises, fraudsters move in to take advantage of the less knowledgeable and easy preys. Many White dialled Explorer II Ref 16550 have been "converted" to the rarer Cream/Ivory colour model simply by focusing a ray of hot light or even sun light for long periods on to the dial.
This information is helpful to avoid buying fake cream dial..

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My top 10 favourite vintage watches

This evening, I will attempt to list down my top 10 favourite watches from my small collection and they are:

1. Rolex 8171

2. Rolex 5508 James bond sub

3. Rolex Explorer 2 ref 1655

4. Rolex Prince doctor's watch

5. Rolex oyster with 9 Rolex crowns on the dial

6. Patek Philippe 2526 enamel dial ( using the first generation of Patek automatic movement)

7. Rolex hooded

8. Rolex 6202 Turn o graph in gilt dial

9. Rolex 1680 Red submariner

10. Alpina Gruen jump hour doctor watch

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Vintage Glashutte diver

This is the vintage Glashutte diver made in Germany. Case: chrome plated; diameter excl. crown approx 38mm; lug to lug approx. 46mm; lug wid...