Saturday, December 17, 2011

Patek 3433 on eBay (not mine)

For those who wished to get a Patek 3433....

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Vintage Timex

Greetings from greece !Went to the island and managed to find a 60s vintage Timex watch

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Ottoman period pocket watch

Greetings from Istanbul!

I have visited the Turkey's Grand bazaar this morning and found this early period hand wind pocket watch from the Ottoman empire in very good condition.The dial has the Ottoman language markers and wording making it a collectable watch. Instead of getting some usual tourists souvenirs, I have much preferred these vintage pocket watch that has some history and cultural values. The owner of the shop is a middle age man, and he is very friendly and helpful. My friend lock bought one too..

The are many pocket watches but many have damaged dials : (

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 09, 2011

Vintage ladies

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Most expensive Swatch

The amazing creation of the Diaphane One is very special. Swatches are still considered a plastic watch with a low price tag, but Swatch this time clearly wanted to make a statement and show its heritage and its breed. In 2001 Swatch launched its 2222 Diaphane One watches for the ridiculous price of 3,333 euros! 222 pieces of this limited edition were decorated with rubies, diamonds and sapphires (the colours of the French flag) as a tribute to the new Swatch boutique on the Place Vendome – the only place where they were sold. This watch is an extravagant gimmick on the part of Nicolas Hayek, President of the Swatch Group and it was an immediate success! In Singapore, these special watch was only allocated to special pos who has supported the brand and only when they have achieved their high sales target.

The carousel movement moves inside the case what makes this watch so extremely special. The whole movement makes in one hour a full rotation.An astonishing display of the art of Swiss watchmaking, the new Diaphane One models are «skeleton» watches. Visible from both front and back, the revolving 25-ruby movement draws the connoisseur’s appreciative eye to its display of exquisitely crafted finishings and artfully intricate design. Neither a tourbillon nor a karussel, the mechanism assures the movement of all the elements on the watch face. The platform that serves as the base of the cage holds all the wheels of a traditional timekeeping movement, along with the escapement and the balance wheel. The revolving cage, which houses the wheel train and regulating organ of the watch, completes two full revolutions every hour, causing the balance wheel and the escapement to revolve like satellites around the centre of the watch. Like a comet that travels through space and time, the watch is in the process of perpetual change.

I have kept the leather strap and use an aluminum one for daily use..

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Mystery dial

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Modern watches

I seldom collect modern watches except the Graham tourbillon watch which has a automatic tourbillon with chronograph function, that can withstand all sports activities. Next is Elvis' watch, the Ventura which has a modern design even though the design inspiration is from the 50s.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Doctor's watch

After more then 20 years of collecting, my doctors' watch collection has grown slowly. These watches have been in the shadow for a long time as many collector prefers to keep bigger and sporty watches. These have been considered too classical and slim. Perhaps, only vintage watch love will appreciate such watches.

Rolex prince doctor's watch made for everywhere except the US

Gruen doctor's watch made for the US market

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Patek Philippe president favourite watch

If you want to know which model is Parek 's president favourite watch, you can see the photo below.

The answer is ref 3940

Why? To quote Mr Stern: this ref 3940 speaks to its wearer about a turning point, not merely in his own life but in the life of his company and his industry, a time when Patek Philippe defied convention and dared to be traditional'.

The 3940 is using the thin 240 movement when everyone said its impossible to do a perpetual calendar but he has proved them all wrong....

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Price of a Daytona dial

This is the price of a Rolex Daytona dial, Us$10,500.. For those watch connoisseur..

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Patek perpetual calendar

The 3 generations of PP 3940

2nd generation PP 3940

Comparison between the 3940 (discontinued) with 5140 (introduced in Basel 2006). Both 3940 and 5140 using the same movement except a facelift for the 5140 and a smll increase in size, but 20% more in pricing.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Daytona 6239

Rolex 6239 together with a 5513 submariner with gilt dial.

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Daytona 16520 colour changed dial

This is how a colour changed dial for the 16250 look like that occur on the T series. The 3 registers rings have changed from white to light brown (and some to darker brown depending on the aging process, I guess), making the 16520 a highly collectable watch similar to the explorer 2 ref 16550, where a certain period Explorer 2 white dial has changed to a cream dial owing to some dial manufacture defects.. In this instances, some defects are actually good as it appreciates the values of the watch instead of depreciate its values.

So, for those of you who want to keep a Daytona, you can either go for the first generation Ref 6239, or the second generation 6263, 6265 or the 3rd generation 16520 using the Zenith El primero movement. For the 3rd generation, always go for the black dial and the changed colour dial..there are some who love to collect the inverted "6" or collect the white enemal dial. The later 116520 Daytona using the Rolex own in house movement is valued at 50% of these 16520. Moreover, the steel is more collectable then the gold steel model even though the movement is similar.

The joy of collecting these beauty lies in its scarcity and the 緣分 to cannot hold in to time, but can at least hold on to the watches. Enjoy!

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Swiss auction

Swiss auction in Hong Kong

Please see:

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Friday, December 02, 2011

Rolex Daytona

My personal preference for vintage watches are the 1930s-40s bubbleback and the Prince series. The sports models were never really my target as during the late 1980s, these 1970s watches were not vintage or old enough. However, to please the "runners" and the people who bring us vintage watches, I have often have to take some of these unpopular watches such as the Daytonas, ubmariners and Gmts. These watches were not expensives as the average prices in the 1980s were between US$1000-1500 ( as these were steel watches, and the collectors then were all going after the 18k watches).

However, things have changed today as these sports series have suddenly become collectable and prices have escalated very quickly. I must really thank the buyers for firing me to takes these steel sports watches. Having just sent in the 6239 to the Rolex center, I am eatery waiting for the completion, hopefully before the Chinese New Year... : )

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Spy watch

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