Friday, December 09, 2011

Most expensive Swatch

The amazing creation of the Diaphane One is very special. Swatches are still considered a plastic watch with a low price tag, but Swatch this time clearly wanted to make a statement and show its heritage and its breed. In 2001 Swatch launched its 2222 Diaphane One watches for the ridiculous price of 3,333 euros! 222 pieces of this limited edition were decorated with rubies, diamonds and sapphires (the colours of the French flag) as a tribute to the new Swatch boutique on the Place Vendome – the only place where they were sold. This watch is an extravagant gimmick on the part of Nicolas Hayek, President of the Swatch Group and it was an immediate success! In Singapore, these special watch was only allocated to special pos who has supported the brand and only when they have achieved their high sales target.

The carousel movement moves inside the case what makes this watch so extremely special. The whole movement makes in one hour a full rotation.An astonishing display of the art of Swiss watchmaking, the new Diaphane One models are «skeleton» watches. Visible from both front and back, the revolving 25-ruby movement draws the connoisseur’s appreciative eye to its display of exquisitely crafted finishings and artfully intricate design. Neither a tourbillon nor a karussel, the mechanism assures the movement of all the elements on the watch face. The platform that serves as the base of the cage holds all the wheels of a traditional timekeeping movement, along with the escapement and the balance wheel. The revolving cage, which houses the wheel train and regulating organ of the watch, completes two full revolutions every hour, causing the balance wheel and the escapement to revolve like satellites around the centre of the watch. Like a comet that travels through space and time, the watch is in the process of perpetual change.

I have kept the leather strap and use an aluminum one for daily use..

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