Friday, December 02, 2011

Rolex Daytona

My personal preference for vintage watches are the 1930s-40s bubbleback and the Prince series. The sports models were never really my target as during the late 1980s, these 1970s watches were not vintage or old enough. However, to please the "runners" and the people who bring us vintage watches, I have often have to take some of these unpopular watches such as the Daytonas, ubmariners and Gmts. These watches were not expensives as the average prices in the 1980s were between US$1000-1500 ( as these were steel watches, and the collectors then were all going after the 18k watches).

However, things have changed today as these sports series have suddenly become collectable and prices have escalated very quickly. I must really thank the buyers for firing me to takes these steel sports watches. Having just sent in the 6239 to the Rolex center, I am eatery waiting for the completion, hopefully before the Chinese New Year... : )

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