Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rolex daytona

Three generations of Daytonas : ref 16520, 6263, 6239. I have just exchanged one of my vintage vintage Patek for a black dial Daytona 16520 from Taipei.

I used to have a white dial 16520 in 2002 but i have to let one of my friend have it as he was so persistent. After more then 10 years, I have finally found a black dial T series, which is even rarer then the white dial. The 6239 was from the 60-70s, while the 6263 was from the late 70s and the 16520 most probably from the 1988. The early Daytonas were not popular and I remember not many collectors were keen on these as during the 1980s, these were not vintage enough. Funny, how things can change so much.

During my Taiwan tip, I have also sent in one of my Rolex 6239 to the Rolex center for servicing. Hope I can receive it back before the Chinese New Year as these servicing takes up longer time...

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