Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rolex Oyster

I have just returned from my trip to Switzerland SIHH, Lonfon and another meeting in Frankfurt. My Rolex OSyer stars dial has just returned from service and I thought it will be good to take a photos of the Oysters of differenet generation (1930s Oyster Octagonal, 1950s Semi bubbleback, 1990s Rolex Domino dial).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rolex AQUA vintage

Greetings from Geneva

My hunt for vintage Rolex with embossed gilt dial continues with this 1940 made for the Canadian market Rolex Aqua.

Beside the unique dial, it has also a unique case back:

I am currently collecting watches that are not in demand and popular and going into the opposite trend. These watches are highly sort after in the 90s and as mentioned earlier, I believe the trend for thinner and smaller watches will return and this has become a kind of "forced" saving or me as well. Given the quick depreciation of currencies, cash has not much sustainable power.. And perhaps collecting vintage watches is a good counter approach against inflation!


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Monday, January 21, 2013

Early Rolex oyster coin edge bezel octagonal

I am happy to be able to find an early Rolex Oyster coin edge bezel octagonal watch in 3 piece cases in solid gold from 1925. This is perhaps my second oldest Rolex watch (after the Rolex porcelain dial officer Trench watch in sterling silver).

I remember I used to own one of this in the early 1990s but I regretfully sold it to a friend. Now, i am so happy to be able to find one back : )

For this octagonal watch from the 1920s, there are also non oyster case in the non waterproof hinge cased. I am so glad at this is an oyster cased. These octagonal watches were very collectable during he 1980-90s. However, with the trend for larger watches and for sport watches, prices of these watches have fallen behind. For me, this is ,in fact, a good time to start collecting such watches as the trend is now back in smaller watches.

This watch is similar to the model Mercedes Gleitze worn during her historic swim across the English Channel- one of the first waterproof watches the world had ever seen.

From the design point of view, remembering that the watches were mainly round shaped or rectangular shaped, this design must be considered avant garde during its time.

This 1925 octagonal will fit nicely with my other gentleman watch, I.e the Prince watches...enjoy

This is a 3 piece cased.

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Location:Rue des Alpes,Geneva,Switzerland

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thursday, January 03, 2013

2013 : Rolex Domino

I have just found a Rolex with a Domino pizza dial. Many years ago, I was eyeing for one but has never seriously hunt for it. What made this Rolex Domino collectable is that Rolex no longer allow dual branding in its watch, perhaps owing to its corporate policy.what is more interesting is that the owner of the watch is actually a winner! A winner in term if achieving the sales targets what they called the Rolex challenge. For details please see below...

Rolex challenge:
Eligibility: corporate and franchise store managers
Criteria: reward store managers when their store achieves 4 conservative weeks of sales at target levels ( each week must be at or above the target level, not an average). The target levels are: $20000,25000,30000,35000 and 40000. A store can achieve an award for each target level only once throughout his history regardless of any change in ownership or change in programme requirement.
For example, if a store achieved the $20000 target prior to Jan 2009' that store's next target level is$25000,
Exceptions from the programme are as follows: thanksgiving, amd Christmas week.
To earn the award, the store must have an annual OER/MCO audit average of 3 stars or better. If a store managers achieves 4 consecutive weeks at the target sales level but does not have an annual OER/MCO audit average of 3 stars or better, the manager will have to continue striving for four consecutive weeks of sales while meeting the annual OER/MCO audit average to achieve the award.
Award: choice of stainless steel Rolex watch or $2000. All Rolex winners - Domino believes it he achievement of a Rolex deserves special attention.therefore all Rolex winners shall be presented with their award during a regional or lock event. All winners will have the opportunity to be recognized by their peers for this great accomplishment.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Spy watch

Israel’s Secret Operation to Recover the Watch of a Legendary Spy Eli Cohen in Damascus, Syria, in the early 1960s, wearing the watch that ...