Monday, January 21, 2013

Early Rolex oyster coin edge bezel octagonal

I am happy to be able to find an early Rolex Oyster coin edge bezel octagonal watch in 3 piece cases in solid gold from 1925. This is perhaps my second oldest Rolex watch (after the Rolex porcelain dial officer Trench watch in sterling silver).

I remember I used to own one of this in the early 1990s but I regretfully sold it to a friend. Now, i am so happy to be able to find one back : )

For this octagonal watch from the 1920s, there are also non oyster case in the non waterproof hinge cased. I am so glad at this is an oyster cased. These octagonal watches were very collectable during he 1980-90s. However, with the trend for larger watches and for sport watches, prices of these watches have fallen behind. For me, this is ,in fact, a good time to start collecting such watches as the trend is now back in smaller watches.

This watch is similar to the model Mercedes Gleitze worn during her historic swim across the English Channel- one of the first waterproof watches the world had ever seen.

From the design point of view, remembering that the watches were mainly round shaped or rectangular shaped, this design must be considered avant garde during its time.

This 1925 octagonal will fit nicely with my other gentleman watch, I.e the Prince watches...enjoy

This is a 3 piece cased.

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