Saturday, December 03, 2011

Daytona 16520 colour changed dial

This is how a colour changed dial for the 16250 look like that occur on the T series. The 3 registers rings have changed from white to light brown (and some to darker brown depending on the aging process, I guess), making the 16520 a highly collectable watch similar to the explorer 2 ref 16550, where a certain period Explorer 2 white dial has changed to a cream dial owing to some dial manufacture defects.. In this instances, some defects are actually good as it appreciates the values of the watch instead of depreciate its values.

So, for those of you who want to keep a Daytona, you can either go for the first generation Ref 6239, or the second generation 6263, 6265 or the 3rd generation 16520 using the Zenith El primero movement. For the 3rd generation, always go for the black dial and the changed colour dial..there are some who love to collect the inverted "6" or collect the white enemal dial. The later 116520 Daytona using the Rolex own in house movement is valued at 50% of these 16520. Moreover, the steel is more collectable then the gold steel model even though the movement is similar.

The joy of collecting these beauty lies in its scarcity and the 緣分 to cannot hold in to time, but can at least hold on to the watches. Enjoy!

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