Sunday, July 01, 2012

Visit of Warsaw flea market

I took a special interest to try to find some vintage items at the famous Kolo market since I happened to be there. The flea market was opened only during Sunday.

The market is full of people selling all kinds of things ranging from old porcelain, clocks, furnitures, military items, pocket watches and I even saw a stall selling WW2 hand grenades, bombs, riffles as well as unused bullets! There were also wild boar skin as well as many vintage jewelry and all kind of household items.

Following my recent find from the Warsaw Old town antique shop, my expectation from the flea market continues to be strong. After hours of walking, I have finally bought another Moser & Cie pocket watch in extremely good condition.

I have always been fascinated with Eastern Europe as it has it's epically charm especially after having been under the "iron curtain" for so many years. Following my visit to Prague (which is the most beautiful country)' Hungary, Warsaw poland was my third Eastern Europe. Overall my trip to Warsaw has been an interesting one, with the Euro Cup fever plus the nice nostalgic old town of Warsaw as well as interesting flea markets and antique shops.

I hope to visit Austria and other Eastern European countries soon. Cheers

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