Saturday, July 14, 2012

Under rated Rolex : the Rolex Turn O Graph ( Aka Thunderbird)

I have collected vintage watches since 1988. During the late late 80s-90s, Rolex Sports watches were not in demand at all. During that time, I was able to find nice Rolex Explorer 1 ref 1016 at US$800' while an Explorer 2 costs around US$1000. Recently, the demand for these sports watches has drove out prices of the Daytona,
Sea dwellers, Submariner and even the GMT. One of the quasi Sports watch that IMHO to appreciate in values is the Rolex Turn O Graph Thunderbird which has both a sporty and elegance appearance. My guess is that it will be a mater of time, the fever will catch on o these nice under rated watches especially the 1625 model with white gold bezel..
What do you think?

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