Sunday, July 01, 2012

Visit to Florence Italy

I have tried to visit some vintage watch shops in Florence and I have found two. One at the old bridge and another opposite the bridge. The first shop has a Rolex Prince asking for Euro $13500, a 1967 Rolex 1625 Turn O Grpah asking for Euro$5500 and some Patek and Vacheron. I didn't buy any as the prices were not cheap.

The second shop specializes in Rolex sports with Rolex 5513, Rolex 1625 pointed guards and gilt dial as well as the 16610. Since the prices were more expensive then Hong Kong, I have give them a pass.

Even though I didn't manage to get ny vintage watches, I did not return bck empty handed as I bought home a Bottega bag, a Italian leather shoes, one pair of Tods as well as another Italian leather sling bag and a leather pouch in the shape of a cow, a Prada belt and tie (from the outlet, of course)...

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