Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rolex 6426 made for the Middle East Saudi Airfoce (Al Quwat to Jawiya)

I have been collecting many vintage watches with special Middle East dials for many years and I have been on a constant look out for watches made for the Middle East. Given the ridiculously high prices of the Rolex sports models, I have stopped chasing for them.

Recently, I was able to trade my Rolex 6564 gilt pie pan sector dial plus cash top up for the Rolex 6426 (Al Quwat to Jawiya) made for the Middle East watch all the way from Japan. By trading, I have kept my policy of One In and One Out and hopefully keep the quantities of watches to manageable level. This direction will also help me to stay focus on my core collections.

The Rolex 6426 were made from the late 1950s till 1990-91. Sometimes it is know as Rolex Oyster Royal and the manual wind movement is one of the best from Rolex. With a slim case, the watch is extremely comfortable to wear. The watch was made for the Saudi Airforce.

Life is good!


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