Friday, June 09, 2017

Time for some streamlining

I have been overly active for the past weeks and the number of watches in my collection have grown. While waiting for the original hands and crowns for my Cyma WWW military and waiting for the original hands for the Lost Navigator, there have been much sending of watches for servicing (example the Tudor 7928 bezel, 6542 etc) as well as buying!!

I guess its time for some reflection of what I want.

1. I have started with Vintage Rolex (OK and some Tudor) and this will continue...
2. I love Diver watches and have added more but decided to focus on ZRC and no other..I hope
3. Vintage Seiko has been around and I have tried to reduce but yet it has increased again
4. Vintage Military watches collection are growing fast...
5. Vintage Chronograph : Just started with the Jardur Pilot chronograph and the Angelus chronograph
6. Vintage Moonphase watches number remains the same
7. Vintage Omega nos are slowly creeping up but decided to focus on special dial and Constellation
8. Vintage watches with special cloisonne dials have stayed the same
9. Vintage Rado mineral dial watches are on the rise but decided to stay only with mineral dials
10. Other brand watches are on a downward trend...

In retrospect, there is a need to reduce the quantities some how.... but which one to cut??

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