Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vintage Seiko 7002-700J (1988-1996)

The Seiko 7002 series of diving watches is the fourth generation of Seikos professional/recreational ISO-rated automatic diving watches. As far as vintage Seiko diver watch, this is really value for money..

The 7002 line of divers replaced the 6309 in 1988 and ran until 1996. It was replaced by the SKX line of divers in 1996. The 7002s use an entirely different movement from prior 6000 series based models used in earlier divers. The 7002s (especially the second generation) introduced many design changes to Seiko divers that are with us to this day. For the 7002 series, there are many variations with movement from Japan or Singapore or cased in Hong Kong etc.

As mentioned, ther are many variations of 7002 and since I am collecting Seiko, a Japanese brand, I have decided to focus in getting the 7002-700J, which is the authentic made for the Japanese home market version of the normally aspired 150m-rated 7002 (1st generation) diver. It is cased in Japan and have a Japan made movement. It differs from the more popular 7000 and 7009 in that the jewel-count (17 Jewels) is written on the dial directly below the depth rating (WATER150mRESIST). The dial code on these normally reads: MADE IN JAPAN 7002-700L R , followed by the Daini lightning bolt logo. The Japanese version tended to be slightly higher priced then the other models but in my opinion, at Yen$17600, it is still a bargain!

Summary of my hunts for the 150m Vintage Seiko...with one more 6309-7049 to go...

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