Monday, January 27, 2014

Vintage Seiko collection

These are my small collection of Vintage Seiko. 

This is a vintage Seiko Hi-Beat Professional 300m Divers Watch, reference 6159-7001, first introduced in 1968 known as the “Grand Seiko Diver”, the 6159-7001 is equipped with a Seiko Hi-Beat 6159A automatic movement and elapsed time bezel. 
The calibre 6159A was 36000 bph, manually wind, and featured quick-set date, the Movement is enclosed in one piece stainless steel waterproof case and can only be accessed from the front.  The dial is black colour contrasted with luminescent hour markers and luminescent hour hands, the date is quick set and the crown is screw down type, the rotating bezel is click stop.
Top roll  6159-7001, 6159-7010, 6306, 6105-8000, 6217, 6217, 
Bottom roll : 6145 first generation, 6246, 43999, 5722-99906145second generation. 

Even though Seiko watches are inexpensive watches, it can be collectable from the point of view of rarity and condition. One of the Greatest challenge is to find these watches in prestime condition, especially the Seiko vintage divers as these were real tool watch where the owners will used it for diving.

We have to bear in mind that during the 1960s-70s, these Seiko watches were bought by people who used them and not merely for "collection". Moreover, the prices of the Seiko were comparable to those of Rolex at that time.


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