Friday, January 24, 2014

Vintage Seiko diver 6159-7001 1868-197x)

After much waiting, my vintage Seiko 6159-7001 has finally arrived from Japan with the great help by 7 gor.  As I am still in Europe, I can only see my watch via what's apps photos.

As you may know, this was Seikos second Hi capable divers watch. The first only ran for about a year, and they are perhaps the rarest of all Seiko divers but it has the low beat movement. I have seen the 6215 in a shop but the condition is quite used thereby eroded my desire to get it. 

The 6159-7001 Seiko were produced in 1968 until 1969 making it pretty rare, it was very expensive for the time and  it houses Grand Seiko 36,000 hi-beat movement. The 10 vibration 6159B was developed based on those used in Grand Seiko movement is (36000) Haibito. The official site of Seiko, has mentioned that this model has been used to reach the summit of Everest Naomi Uemura Mr. explorer as "Uemura model". Because the number of production is small, it is a perfect gem good to go with diver's watch. The different between the normal and hi beat movement is that for the hi beat movement, the second sweeps beautifully. It wasn't the first 300m professional Seiko produced, that was the 6215, same case but not a hi-beat movement. 

This 6159-7000/7001 was an improvement on the design, and lasted for several years. I was originally looking at the year 2000 re-issued SBDX300, which was produced for 500 units. However, the price of the SBDx 300 was high at HK$32000mplus it was not using the GS hi beat movement. Myndesires therefore is to look for the original vintage one first.

Even though I have made my decision to find a vintage one, I must admit that instill have to mentally struggles for quite a while before making a bold decision to close the deal. After all, the price is high for a Seiko. In the end, following my research, have come to a conclusion that since the quantities is so little that it is truly a collectable watch. Moreover, the original price in the 1960s were also higher then the Rolex Diver watch then. It was retailed at 30,000 yen at that time, about a month salary of a graduate. With a hi beat movement and quality finishing and small quantities, this is one if the best Diver watches produced during the 1960s. 

The movement in it is the same movement that is found in the 61GS, except it did not benefit from the 5 adjusments found in the 61GS. I have two 6159`s, one a 7000 case below,  and the 6159 7010 600Meter in titanium cased, whom I swapped using a pair of vintage speakers.

Hope you will enjoy viewing this great vintage time piece from the 1960s
Life is good!


MSA said...

Dear Francis,

What are the market prices for a 6159? I am also from Singapore and quite interested in it. My email is at

Thanks for any advice given.

Gad Neumann said...

hi, can somebody help me ?
What are the market prices for a 6159 ? . My email is at

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