Monday, February 10, 2014

Vintage Seiko 7002-700J (1988-1996)

 Seiko 7002-700J 

This 7002-700J watch is the precursor to the modern SKX175/009. This is the Japanese home market version of the  aspirated 150m-rated 7002 (1st generation) diver. Like the7002-7001 it differs from the more popular 7000A in that the jewel-count (17 Jewels) is written on the dial directly below the depth rating (WATER150mRESIST). Like the 700A, it also has a blue-and-red “Pepsi-style” bezel. In this instance, mine is the all black bezel.

Visually they are almost identical to the SKX175/009 and the SKX009J in particular, except that the crowns are in different positions, the 7002 only has a date, the jewel counts are different, and the depth ratings are different. There are three reasons why I bought this namely it's a made in Japan version, where quality assurance is guaranteed plus the watch is in very good condition. Secondly, at US$165, it's really value for money as US$165 can't even get a decent leather strap for some watch brands. Thirdly, it's one of the last 150 meter divers made in 1995.

For other 7002-7000, the prices are much lower at around US$100 but one has to aware of the originality of the various parts (bezel, hands, dial etc)..


Chris Adam said...

Hi. Could you please tell me what kind of watch this is on the left?
THX very much

Pedro Fabio López Pascua said...

It looks like a 6159.

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