Monday, May 29, 2017

Vintage ZRC dive watches journey

I have started to collect the rare ZRC vintage Diver watches one year ago with the first with the ZRC Spartiale 300, as a reward. The vintage ZRC is a cult brand and the hunting for it has been a tough one as not many vintage watches are out there for sale. Many collectors tended to hold on to them as the distribution was limited to France in the past.

Moreover, these are the tool watches used by professional divers, not many are available to people who are non divers. These were sold in the professional diving equipment companies and therefore has limited circulation. In addition, as a result of its small circulation, be prepared that the parts such as the hands, bezels etc may have been switched as the owners (Not collectors) then were not particular of the state of so called originality of the watch as long as it was usable and functioning. My ZRC Spartiale is a NOS in full original mint condition while my series 2 had the hands changed. As a vintage watch collector, I am fine with these changes as if anyone wants all perfect watch should get a re-issued ZRC instead. One way is try to find NOS spare parts for them, which is a fun and challenging project. 

Later, I ahve managed to find the ZRC Series 2 from France.

There is a very attractive Series 2 with the large hour and minutes hands as well as a dotted Bakelite bezels. I have been looking for it for over one year and it is getting closer...

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