Saturday, May 13, 2017

Vintage Rolex & the question of spare parts

I have just realized that Vintage watch collecting is not for everyone. There are many new collector who wants to collect vintage watches. Often they seek the opinion of second hand watch dealers who will advice them that there will be no spare parts from Rolex center. That is half correct. An experience dealer would advice the customer to get a good working condition watch as the maintenance will be easy as it will only needs oiling once every three years as long as the mechanism are not broken. I have know many watch collectors who has hundreds of watches. Some collect even the antique pocket watches and there is no worries of spare parts as these pocket watches are over 200 years old and are still ticking.

To get into the vintage watch hobby, one needs to have the correct mind set and right advice. Even the Rolex sports models from the 1960s have already ran out of spare parts but the collectors are not worry. Recently, there was a vintage Rolex watch that sold over 5 million dollars and the buyer is not worries about Rolex center not having spare parts.

The watch that sold for $5,060,427 is a legendary timepiece,  

Rolex rare Waffle dial:

Rolex rare sector pie pan dial


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