Sunday, May 28, 2017

Jaeger Lecoultre memovox TURLER alarm watch Caliber 489

This is a JLC memovox with dual name Turler. The Türler company was founded as a watchmaking manufactory in Bienne Switzerland on Monday, February 5, 1883. In 1893 the family Türler also founded a specialized shop for watches and jewelry in Zürich. In 1907 the shop located in the Savoy-Hotel at Paradeplatz in the heart of Zürich was opened. 

The Jaeger Lecoultre memovox TURLER alarm watch has been serviced and the alarm works well with a cricket sound. The Memovox was first introduced by Jaeger-LeCoultre in 1950/51 with the manually wound Calibre 489. The two separate crowns allowed you to manually wind and set the alarm and timekeeping parts of the movement separately. The name Memovox is a composite of two Latin word, Memor (remembering) and Vox (voice), meaning "the voice of remembering," a perfect choice for an alarm watch. A few years after, in 1956, the Cal. 489 was replaced with the Calibre 815, making the Memovox the first automatically wound alarm wristwatch.

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