Friday, May 12, 2017

Titus Calypsomatic watch ref 7085 and ref 7110

As a lover of vintage diver watches, I have always wanted to collect the Titus Calypsomatic diver watches. This is a very rare dive watch that has grown in popularity amongst collectors. The Titus Calypsomatic is defined by its straight lugs and “big crown”.

I think there are several models of the Calypsomatic. The first one is the ref 5913, second is ref 7085 and the third is the ref 7986/7. There is a slight difference in the casing and case back and the 5913/7085 have holes on the lugs through and through. The dials and bezels of the 5913/7085 look identical and with with the big crown. The 7986 dial have bigger hour markers and the crown is a bit smaller. The 5913/7085 also has lollipop hour hands while the 7986 has Mercedes hour hands. There is also a junior model 7110. While surfing the net, I saw a 8031. There is a model 8375 but the case is different already and in the 1970s, there was a 8940.

Even within the 5913, there are two versions. The 5913 with the star is the very first one and the only one with "SWISS MADE" at the bottom. There are references with non-signed crowns : late 5913 and 7085, but also the 8031.

As my friend Kow plans to expand his collection of chronograph, I am lucky to be able to inherit the Titus from him. At 38mm, the 7085 is the perfect vintage diver size, and will be wearable in just about any situation. (Watches are mine but Posters of watches are images from the net).


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