Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Vintage Tudor Ranger

I am not an expert in vintage Tudor watches. Previously, I just collected vintage Tudor watches as a result of getting a bulk purchase along with the other Rolex watches that I want from the dealers. Sometimes, one needs to take a "package deal" in order to close the deal. As such, I only have three Tudor watches so far namely: One Tudor with the Middle East map, one Submariner in NOS condition and one Tudor Ranger 90220.

I have just found an original Tudor Ranger dial from the internet to upgrade my correct Tudor Ranger that has a reconditioned dial. It took me 5 years to find one.... of course I wasn't actively looking for it as Tudor has also been perceived like a second class citizen in the past..and that perception is now changed completely! My efforts in the past months has been to look for correct and unique dials for watches... from 1601 to 1803 and now to this Tudor Ranger...

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