Friday, March 03, 2017

Tudor 1967 two colour gilt Submariner 7928

Tudor ref 7928 two color dial submariner from 1967

I was planning to get a vintage watch in March to celebrate my annual bonus and I was considering either a Rolex gold 1601, or a Rolex 5701 34mm Rolex Explorer, or a Rolex Coke watch, or ZRC diver. The ZRC is still not available at this stage.

Even though I am not a Tudor fans, this Tudor submariner from Hawaii from the year 1967 caught my attention with its used but authentic feel. I think this is the third generations Tudor 7928 after the Square guards and pointed gurds. This is a two color submariner where the markers are gilt yellow while the wordings are silver white. The bezel and dial of this example subsequently underwent discoloration due to intense and prolonged exposure to UV rays. Collectors use the term “Tropical” to describe this type of change, which is greatly prized. The inscriptions on the dial of this example were silver-color. The case measured 39 mm in diameter, was waterproof to a depth of 200 meter and bore the signature “ORIGINAL OYSTER CASE BY ROLEX GENEVA”. 

The design of its dial, hands and bezel was similar to that of references 7922, 7924 and 7925. Its movement was the self-winding caliber 390. I was told that the case and bezels is similar to the Rolex 5513. Even the back case of the 5513 could fit into the Tudor. The bezel is a mark 3 insert.

Need to do some major cleaning when the watch arrives. The color of the dial has started to become chocolate 

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