Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Record Price for a Tudor Oyster Submariner 7923

Someone must be really in love with this very rare Tudor Submariner 7923 and is willing to pay US$99,999 for it! This must be a record price for a Tudor submariner! 

The Reference 7923 Submariner is perhaps the most unknown reference in the Tudor Submariner collection 
and only few have ever seen one. Until recently they were considered prototypes or “frankenwatches”. Even during the early stage of listing on ebay, some collectors even considered it fake!

owever recent finds show them clearly described in Rolex/Tudor service catalogues, and grouped with the 7922 and Rolex 6536/1. It has a manual wind movement. Cal. 1156-1188 which is unique for this model. Lesson learnt is with vintage Rolex & Tudor one can never say never!

After many years acting like a sub brand next to the big brother Rolex, it has finally managed to be at the center stage!

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