Sunday, March 19, 2017

Project RT

As a fellow watch collector, it is never easy to let go watches. In order to keep my number of watches down, I have started to do some weight loss programme with Project RT. The main objective is to avoid increasing the number of watches and to reduce the number of watches, if possible ...

The progress so far includes:
1.                  Letting go Grand Seiko 5722-9990 for a Rolex Eaton Bubbleback
2.                  Letting go King Seiko 5702 & lady Duward diver watch for a Rado Blue lapis
3.                  Letting go Duward diver for a Rolex 6298 Pre Explorer
4.                  Letting go ZRC for a Rolex 5501 Explorer white dial
5.                  To Let go Seiko 43999 for Tudor 7928 

I have seen many collectors going all out to buy the box, certificate etc to assemble a "full set". While I admire their determination, I will not consider these full set as authentic unless its from the original one owner.


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