Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Q1 Review

Today is the end of March and end of 1st Quarter for 2017. I have decided to do a short quarterly review - Best buy for the Q1 year of 2017. Trying to limit it to 10 watches will be a challenge, which has prompted me to initiate Project RT. Hope I can find what I like that adds values to the collection.

1. Rolex 1601
Watch found in Bangkok with new old stock dial and hands from Sweden. Love it as its know as the  無字天書 dial plus its a wide boy dial.

2. Rolex 6605
Watch found in Bangkok. Love it as its the predecessor of the Rolex 1601 Datejust and it comes with the white gold bezel instead of yellow.
3. Rado 
Rado mineral dials found from Bangkok, Mexico, Japan, UK and Germany

4. Omega Dynamic Geneve
Found this New old stock at Jatujak market Bangkok
5. Rolex 1803
Found this in Bangkok and serviced by RSC. 

6. Rolex Eaton
Watch from Canada
7. Tudor 7928/0
Watch from Hawaii, Honolulu with dial turning chocolate brown.

8. Rolex 5501 Dress Explorer without date
Watch found in Taiwan

9. Rolex 6298 Pre Explorer
Watch from Thailand collector
10. Rolex 6494 gilt
Watch from Thailand collector
11. Rolex 5701 Dress Explorer with Date in black dial
Watch from Quebec Canada

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