Saturday, March 25, 2017

Rolex 6494 Oysterdate

For those who love the aged tropical dial Rolex 6494 with roliette dates . This wristwatch is an early ‘Date’ model with so-called roulette date – note the alternating red/black date .  It's similar to a 6694.
Both are 34mm Oyster Precision Manual Winds, the earlier 6494 will have the earlier 1215 (18,000 pbhr) caliber, while the 6694 could have either have caliber 1215 or caliber 1225 (IIRC 21,600 bphr). Seventeen jewel manual winds. The progression from case ref 6094 to 6294 to 6494 and finally 6694 happen within in a very short time frame. According to VRF's own serial number project, 6094s were made as late as 1953, and later that following year we see 6294s, 6494s and then 6694s in 1954/1955.

I was told that the movement is in super shining condition but the dial was aged due to storage in the cupboard. Even though this is not a mainstream watch now, I still couldn't resist it as its dial has aged nicely..

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