Sunday, April 27, 2014

Vintage Seiko 6159-7010

Just found this lovely and rare seiko 6159-7010 diver using Grand Seiko movement and with a depth of 600m. Initially, a fellow friend has wanted one and has asked me to find one for him. After finding the watch, he says he doesn't want it at the moment. So, it will have to join the rest of the gang now. Will service it ASAP.


Keith leong 賢 said...

Hi , I'm currently finding this particular 1975 Seiko diver at the moment , if does happen that if you're more than willing to let go ,
Please let me know , I'm also a Singaporean currently living in woodlands ,
Do Let me know if you're letting go .

Francis Phua said...

Ok. Please send me your email address for me to send you photos

Keith leong 賢 said...

As in message , thanks boss

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