Sunday, April 20, 2014

My vintage Omegas so far..

0mega was a successful watch company in the early 1950-60s and they have produced many nice watches. In order to stay focus, I have decided to focus on Omegas with special dials (such as the Omega Olympic series), Omega constallation Cal 504, gold constellation, pie pan dials... As a result, I have sold off the non pie pan Omega constellation to a fellow collector this afternoon in order to ensure that my collections stays tight.

Cal 470
Cal 471
Cal. 504

Cal 501
Cal 550

The only non Constellation is the Omega 300 Seamaster diver (a must have cult diver's watch)'and the Seamaster with the Chronometer certification bottom photo, left)  the Omega Seamaster chronometer was a nice watch as its markers are made of Onyx. Even as a Seamaster range, it is unusual to have the chronometer status..

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