Friday, April 11, 2014

Omega 1956 Melbourne Olympic watch


OMEGA Seamaster XVI is one of the most rare Omega watches among the vintage watch collectors. Many collectors know the Omega XVI with the XVI word on the dial, and with gold markers and cal 471.

Advertisement for the Omega Seamaster XVI watch

However, there is another much rarer version. The watch is a 1956 Yellow Gold Omega Seamaster Melbourne Olympics where the dial has the special Olympic logo. What are these produced ?

There are a few possible stories and one story goes that Omega made these watches with special Olympic Cross of Merits dials and started shipping them out to the dealers. However there was almost an immediate re-call as it transpired that they did not have permission to use the Olympic logo on the dial. So they were all pulled back and reissued with standard Omega XV1 dials. 

Another stories states that these were specially commissioned for those who has contribution towards but also as a celebration of the brand receiving the Olympic Cross of Merit at the previous event for ’Outstanding service to the world of sports’. Naturally, this watch had to be event that proudly displayed the award.
The third stories are that these were made for the Olympic participants or winners.

The 4th: – Celebrating the Olympic Cross of Merit

The timepiece created for the Melbourne 1956 Olympics Games marked not only OMEGA’s involvement in the Games, but also as a celebration of the brand receiving the Olympic Cross of Merit at the previous event for ’Outstanding service to the world of sports’. 

非常罕見的「海馬16」 OMEGA Seamaster XVI "瓷漆面黃金"版本,瓷漆面盤上的 "Cross of Merit" (金獅火炬五環徽章)圖騰浮雕,據說總數不到100只!「海馬16」是OMEGA為紀念自1932~1956連續25年擔任奧運官方計時廠商,所推出之紀念錶款。Omega Seamaster 1956 Olympic 的瓷漆面(lacquered china),是一種與其他錶款的瓷面、琺瑯面材料、作法均不同的面盤,具有一定厚度並呈半透明狀,非常優美但容易乾裂損壞。本錶是瑞士滑雪學校致贈奧運國家滑雪隊教練的,時間是1956年12月21日。

For those who is looking for this Omgea, be aware of fake Olympic watches as per below photos below


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