Friday, April 25, 2014

Rolex hooded bubbleback

For the vintage watch collector, the Rolex hooded bubbleback is something special and extra ordinary. I was told that it was made for the American market. As the quantities of the hooded bubbleback are quite small (less then 1000 produced) during the late 1980-90s, there were many modified hooded bubbleback. One will have to observe the curve.

 In addition, owing to the hooded nature of the watch, there is a tendency for the watch to have corrosion and spotted in case back the challenge of refurbished dials...

I have managed to come across a nice hooded in original dial and very nice case condition as well as with a rare spring Rolex bracelet. Even though these "little" watches are not as popular as the bigger sports watches bubbleback has always managed to occupy a special position in my heart as it has a unique bubble case back and a simple yet timeless look. It seems that I have been brought back to the late 1980-90s where every bubbleback find adds much joy to my heart..

The prices of the Rolex Sports watches have increased so much that collecting these less expensive watches become quite a joy. Bearing in mind that these are 1930-40s watches, to find them in prestime condition is always a challenge, especially with the influx of reconditioned dials.

One thing I could not understand for the Rolex sports watches is the desire for aged look by some collectors. For the older collectors, our challenge is to look for vintage watches in prestime conditions. The so called Spyder dial for us is actually considered "cracked" and damaged dial. The so called "ghost" insert is actually badly faded insert, which is not considered desirable. Once these fever for damaged items are over, true collector will perhaps realize that the goal is to look for watches in pristine conditions rather then to let it deteriorate ...?

This lovely 3065 will join its Bubbleback family...



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