Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Vintage Omega 300 Seamaster diver

I used to own an omega 300 with date that has been completely restored by Omega factory. My friend Wendy love it so much that I let her have it as my focus then was on Vintage Rolex.

Since then, I have always stay clear away from the vintage Omega 300 Seamaster divers owing to the huge amount of fake Omega 300 watches and the Omega Seamaster 300 is arguably the most dangerous vintage watch of all for a collector to purchase. Unquestionably, it is by far the riskiest model that can be considered by the serious collector as there are many with case or with original parts put together. 

The fakes appeared in the first instance to service the high demand for what has become one of the most desirable vintage Omega sports watches. When prices increased and collectors scramble to purchase, it is inevitable that the unscrupulous element seek to take advantage of the situation by bringing out various replica versions. What makes it dangerous is that, because prices are so high, most of the better fakes actually have genuine vintage Omega movements of the correct year and calibre fitted in after market case and back case etc.

The Omega 300 that I have found is the fourth revision of the Seamaster 300, which made its debut in either late 1964 or 1965. The earlier model references, CK 2913 ( launched 1957), CK 14755 (1960) and ST 165.014 (1962) represent a gradual progression towards what most Omega purists regard as the most iconic Seamaster 300, the reference ST 165.024 here. The latter was the variant chosen for use by the elite British SAS and SBS military regiments, which clearly added to its glamour and desirability.

However, with my recent dive into the world of Omega, I have slowly gained an insights on how to differentiate the fakes from the original. With the ipad and the wifi, even though I am on a business trip, I was still able to stay connected and with the power of law of attraction, I have finally found one nice original condition Omega 300 from the US San Diago Califonia via the internet. The case, bezel and dial, hands and movements are all original. Even though the dial luminous markers have aged, it added a nice vintage touch to the watch. The seller was very nice in everywhere and we have to overcome much shipping issues before the transaction could be completed but we did it nicely.

I have recently sold off my spare Seiko 6217 and this Omega 300 fill its vacancy nicely.

This Omega is from the 1967 and is from USA with the correct cal 550 (for the US market)

I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive...


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