Thursday, April 17, 2014

Vintage Omega

My vintage Omega 300 has finally arrived from US. It took more then 15 days to arrive Hong Kong but the wait is worth. In addition, my various Omega have also returned from servicing except for the solid gold and a steel and gold black dial constellation. I have sold off a couple of spares vintage Seiko and streamline my collection to focus on building a small collection of vintage Omega limiting to the special Olympic series and Chronometers Constelaltion. I must say that these vintage Omega are better made then the present days one as the movements are more refined and has the unique pink bronze colour.

Given the rising prices of the vintage Rolexes, these vintage Omegas Re true values for money. The challenge is to look for only original dials (as many have been reconditioned or refurbished which will affect the resale prices)

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