Saturday, February 18, 2017

Vintage Omega Deville Dynamic 無字天書 1970s

Just found an amazing NOS Omega Deville Dynamic. The dial on this model is very rare in OLIVE gold and is in immaculate condition. The overall design is clutter free with no hour graduations and only furnished with day/date window and sporting gold hour and min hands and a white second hand. The day/date are quick set . The watch is totally original and includes a signed crown , dial , movement. Dial is like a 無字天書. Back case has engraving 700L.107. Many of these watch glass have been replaced but this is all original with the Omega logo and the reatangular date window.

The watch was first created for the Prix de Ville de Geneve in 1965 the line was launched to the public in 1968, the Dynamic line lived up to its name.  The elliptical case shape was conceived to work with the anatomy of the wrist. The crown was integrated into the case so that it would not disturb the fairly aerodynamic flow of the line of the watch. The design of the dial was consistent with the clean functional aspects of the watch. It has an exceptionally clean, streamlined, and beautiful design that will never go out of style and still looks modern to this day. It was introduced as "the first watch designed especially for the human wrist" touting its "scientific" ergonomic design. The Dynamic perfectly encapsulated the spirit of its age which brought together the emphasis on science as we prepared to and on the moon with the human-centric focus of the socially progressive movement of the late 60s.

There are many Omega Dynamic but this special dial has a minimalist approach which has attracted my attention. This watch blend in well with my 1970s Rado stone dial watches.


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